Sci/Tech Russian billionaire reveals real-life 'avatar' plan; will upload his brain to a hologram.


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No, they'd all have his consciousness, and they'd likely all be separately sentient individuals. There's no reason you couldn't upload the same consciousness into countless robo-brains, unless the soul is a real thing and it's directly tied to your mind and who you are.

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No, they don't and No. Just No! because it is what "the computer" tells them to be and nothing else. They will never be a living thing. What happens, if the subject is something that is unidentified?

Btw: No I'm Not?! :rolleyes:


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Further question is if he were to be hacked and subsequently erased, would this constitute murder?
It would constitute a felony count of vandalism.

Firecat, your brain is effectively a computer. Every single thing you do is controlled by your brain; your body and sense are just peripheral components that can be synthesized and artificially constructed, as we're already working on doing with things like artificial arms and legs and eyes. The only really really big issue with it is that your brain cells are going to age and die, and so we need to find some kind of a process to make new ones, which your body does naturally. However even this hurdle is very rapidly being overcome through technologies like in-vitro fertilization and the many, many possibilities that come from the use of the advancing technologies in things like stem cell research. Your senses have ALREADY been artificially developed, through things like microphones and speakers and cameras. You're really not that special of a thing, you just want to be.


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Oh, reminds me of that paradox thingy or sth.
I have a brain.
We have technology to replace biological brain cells with completely electronic ones, one cell at a time. These electronic cells can copy the activation configurations of the biological ones they replace.
If I replace one of my brain cells with one electronic brain cell, am I dead yet? Am I still me?
Now, I replace another one. Dead yet? Still me?
Repeat till my brain is entirely electronic. Dead yet? Still me?

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Would dearly love to see an update on this. How far has he gone with this, or is he even still pursuing it?


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Here's a 2016 article, 3 years after this was published:

Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov seeks 'immortality' by uploading his brain to a computer

A billionaire Russian businessman is making it his life's goal to stay alive forever by uploading his brain into a computer.

Dmitry Itskov, who made his fortune in internet media, is the founder of the 2045 Intiative, an organisation working with a network of scientists to develop 'cybernetic immortality' within the next few decades.
35-year-old Itskov acknowledges that without such technology, it's likely he could be dead by 2050. However, by perfecting the mapping of the human brain and transferring his conciousness into a computer, he could 'live' much longer - either in the computer, transplanted into a humanoid robot body, or as a hologram.

Itskov started his foundation in 2011, and is the subject of an upcoming BBC Horizon documentary, The Immortalist.

And here's a 2021 article, 5 years after that.

2045: Russian Billionaire Dmitry Itskov Says We Could All Be Immortal

Itskov is in the process of creating a program that maps the brain and then transfers it onto a computer which will be put on a robot body or as a hologram. The plan from the beginning was to have a mind-controlled robot which can send feedback to the user’s brain, through a brain-computer interface by 2020. While there has been progress in brain-machine communication, they seem to be behind schedule as far as the public is aware. But the following is a breakdown of the initial plan:
Avatar A- 2015/2020
A robotic copy of a human body that will be run by a “brain-computer” interface. This kind of Avatar could be used to work in dangerous locations or even to rescue individuals.

Avatar B- 2020/2025
A human brain from a clinically deceased individual could be transplanted into an Avatar allowing it to save that person.

Avatar C- 2030/2035
The human personality of a deceased person could be transferred into the Avatar’s artificial brain.

Avatar D- 2045
A hologram-like Avatar with capacities exceeding humans will be available.
Most scientists believe it is absolutely impossible, at least in this century, to have human brains uploaded into computers. When computational neuroscientist Dr Grace Lindsay was asked what the main obstacle for this “futuristic” project was, she explained that there is so much we do not know about the brain because it’s a chaotic ball of neurons, glial cells, blood vessels, immune cells, and so much more. But anything is possible because science and technology have already achieved incredible milestones such as bionic body parts that paraplegics are able to control with their mind.

Here's a 2022 article:

Humans could upload their brains to a metaverse to live longer, expert claims.

You could upload your brain to the metaverse and live for over 150 years, an expert has claimed.

Dmitry Itskov is a Russian billionaire and part of the '2045 initiative', a non-profit organisation that aims to increase lifespan, as the Daily Star reports.
The project argues that artificial bodies will appear by 2045 which will allow people to move out of their old bodies and into new ones with the help of the Internet.

He said that thanks to new AI and metaverse technologies, people will one day be able to live forever by uploading their minds to the web.
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