Samurai Legends 0.7 (AOS)




Samurai Legends

Feudal Era Japan. Join the battle between Clan Takeda and Clan Asai, choose your hero, hire merceneraries, build shrines to support your team or summon one of the fallen legendary samurais.

- 6 unique heroes: Ronin, Ninja, Warlord, Yari Samurai, Shinobi & the Yumi Samurai
- Completely new theme which has nothing to do with WarCraft III
- High quality custom graphics
- Hire different kinds of merceneraries
- Build shrines (extra units, shop & higher gold income)
- Cleaned up leaks to prevent lags
- If a player leaves team gets higher experience rate and gold income
- Two secret shops where you can combine items

Current version: 0.7
You can get the map here: Download

You can see the complete changelog here: Changelog

v 0.7:

- Added a new hero: Yumi Samurai
- Added 2 secret shops where you can combine items
- Fixed a bug which allowed the selection of unfinished heroes
- New models for spawns (by Black_Stan & edited by Metal Sonic64)
- Changed spawns to: 1 Yari Cavalry, 2 Ashigaru, 1 Archer
- Added a new Legend: Tomoe the legendary Yumi Samurai
- Changed gold cost of all shrines to 3000
- Added Shrine of Strength: Spawns Yari Cavalry
- Fixed unbuildable shrines not giving the spent honor back
- Shrine of Merchants now gives potions and scrolls for free
- Increased cooldown of all Legends to 600 seconds
- New elite archer unit (thx to Metal Sonic64)
- Some small terrain changes
- Increased experience gained for faster leveling
- Fixed unrepairable buildings and changed repair time
- Fixed "Banner of Honor" regenerating way too much hitpoints
- Fixed a bug with "Battlerage" where the gained strength remained (only on team 2)
- Decreased "Fear of Dark`s" lifeleech/damage
- "Shurikens" can no longer target allies
- Decreased the amount of healed hp of "For Shogun´s Glory"
- Increased mana cost of "For Shogun´s Glory" to 100
- Decreased mana cost of "Banner of Honor" to 40
- Decreased mana cost of "Shadow" to 50
- "Death Poem" is now activated if hitpoints are under 500
- "Banner of Honor" is now vulnerable
- Increased gold cost of Helmet of the Dragon to 1500
- Decreased gold cost of Anti-magic Potion to 90
- Increased movement speed bonus of Kegutsu Boots
- Decreased duration of "Bladewind"
- Made "Way of Death" a bit faster
- Changed name of "Bladewind" to "Kaze"
- New tower model (thx to MetalSonic64)
- New icon for the Yari Samurai
- Increased armor damage reduction
- Legendary auras no longer affect heroes
- Decreased revival time a bit
- Lowered cooldowns of some abilities a bit
- Tweaked stats of some heroes
- Chaanged soundsets of Ninja, Shinobi & Ronin
- Decreased range of towers to 800
- Increased range of ashigaru units
- Decreased regeneration of fountains
- Improved some tooltips
- Changed ability & buff names of Legends
- Changed tree model (Metal Sonic64 again)
- Smoother teleporter model (JetFangInferno)
- Changed icon of shrines
- New attack icon for normal attack type
- Fixed lag of "For Shogun`s Glory"
- Fixed lag of "Fear of the Dark"
- Fixed lag of "Flying Death"


Change can be a good thing
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if u ever get a team together to host let me know, id liek to paly on bnet, but cant ever get enough ppl to try it out


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hey, could you post a link to the models you used? im trying to get that ashigaru spearman model in particular.


Be better than you were yesterday :D
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I used to play this map at garena and ahh thx for the memory lol
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