Model Sand Wyrm


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The worm in dune isn't that like the Tremors from Tremor I, II, III and IV ?


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I'm making a sand worm right here:
I'm animating it now.

HateBreeder: How did you make this? Did you just retexture the wyrm? Uh I know you redid the particles. What program did you use? Cause this is looking pretty good.:rolleyes:+rep
I just use Oinkerwinkles MDL Editing tools and Magos Model Editor...
Based this thing off of the Forst Wyrm, and looked for some Texture for this. Then I had a looooooooooooooong struggle with the un wrap.


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you shuld just dust particles attached to the chest and wings, then make them fall

btw, your current particles look like fire
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