Sci/Tech SanDisk releases a 400 GB SSD that can be plugged to a DDR3 RAM slot

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    The ULLtraDIMM™ SSD connects flash storage to the memory channel via standard DIMM slots, in order to close the gap between storage devices and system memory. It can achieve less than five microseconds write latency at the DIMM level, enabling a new generation of software requiring ultra-low latency. ULLtraDIMM SSDs use SanDisk’s proprietary Guardian Technology™ Platform to meet the endurance needs of write-intensive and mixed-use application workloads.

    The ULLtraDIMM SSD supports analytics workloads, which leverage large data-sets and work with databases and data warehouses. The ULLtraDIMM SSD’s processing speed supports faster time-to-results for business managers.

    Read more here. (SanDisk)
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    I see the good in this as they point out its uses but I can't help but think about the longevity of such a thing. Wouldn't constant re-writes of the SSD ultimately hinder its performance over time? I wonder how often these things would need replacing with systems that are online & in use 99% of the time.
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    Ideally they would be overprovisioned like mad to help deal with the wearing out issue. It also depends on what kind of flash they are using - some kinds are more resistant than others, though I imagine it would be more expensive.

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