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  1. yourmom

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    Hi everyone, I'm considering buying this game. I was a huge fan of the WC3 custom map scene for the insane variety and replayability of all the billions of custom maps for WC3. What is the custom map scene like on SC2? Is it comparable?

    Btw I NEVER played the base game of wc3. only customs. Is it worth buying for someone like me?

  2. Accname

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    The game itself is okay. I wouldnt say it is the best game i have ever bought, but thats subjective after all. It is fun however and i play it occasionally, and i know that millions of other people do so every day as well.

    The custom game scene however is by far not as big as it was in wc3.
    Reason is, the sc2 editor is so incredibly much more powerful then the wc3 editor was, that only very few people really figured out how it actually works.
    It is rather complicated and with so much possible customization potential that you would need months to study it before you can do something.
    In wc3, you could start it immediately and just build something. In sc2 you really really need to read any turtorials.

    But there are some custom games after all, these are, however, mainly remakes of older wc3 and sc1 maps like legion td, dota, survival maps, vampire/island defense, desert strike, etc etc etc.

    And the way custom maps are distributed right now makes it incredibly hard to publish new ones.
    To explain:
    In the game selection screen the games are displayed in order of how often they are played per day.
    The first 3 pages do not change very often, and when they do, it isnt going to be some kind of "new" map which is added but a variation of the already popular maps.
    You create a new map and it will be at the very far end of the list and likely nobody will ever be trying to play it.

    Although, there is that function called "fun or not" where you can start playing a "completely random" and unknown map with a bunch of other guys and tell the creator at the end if you enjoyed it or not.

    So, if you want to create sc2 custom games, you need to have alot of willpower and spare time.
    If you want to only play custom games, stick to wc3.
    But the actual game is quite fun i must say. I didnt play the "real" wc3 melee game either but sc2 is pretty good i must say.
  3. UndeadDragon

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    When the next patch comes out the custom map scene should increase dramatically as they are changing how the current system works and replacing it with a system like in Warcraft III if I understood correctly.
  4. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    We can only hope and guess right now.
    But i wouldnt be too sure about the outcome until i can see it myself.
  5. Karawasa

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    Hopefully. Keep in mind a lot of people have already moved onto other games and may not come back anyway.
  6. UndeadDragon

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    True, but I loved the mapping of Warcraft III and if it becomes easier to get any games I make into the public then I may be more inclined to make some for Starcraft II.
  7. Syndrome

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    I honestly think they need an option to 'dumb the Editor down'.

    Seriously, it's like kayaking through the Amazon while blindfolded without a map or a paddle.
  8. Slapshot136

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    it's developing still, it doesn't have the 10 years of development that wc3 maps have had, but in a few years it will be comparable

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