SC2 Native List


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Native function list:
native abilcmd AbilityCommand(string, int);

native abilcmd OrderGetAbilityCommand(order);

native aifilter AIFilter(int);

native bool AIAnyAllyAttacking(int);

native bool AIAnyAllyNeedsDefending(int);

native bool AIAnyWorkersFleeingNearby(int, point, fixed);

native bool AICloakEvaluate(unit, fixed, fixed, fixed);

native bool AICombatAvoidDisabledUnits(int, int);

native bool AICombatAvoidNonThreats(int, int);

native bool AICombatAvoidTimedUnits(int, int);

native bool AICombatAvoidWeakUnits(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetActiveProduction(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetAir(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetAllyThreats(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetAttackers(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetCurrent(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetDropOffs(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetFood(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetHealers(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetInAttackRange(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetInjuries(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetMovers(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetProduction(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetSelfThreats(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetSiege(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetSpecial(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetThreats(int, int);

native bool AICombatTargetWorkers(int, int);

native bool AIControlForceToMove(unit);

native bool AIControlForceUnburrow(unit);

native bool AIControlWantsToBurrow(unit);

native bool AIControlWantsToMove(unit);

native bool AIControlWantsToUnburrow(unit);

native bool AIDefaultSuspectDetectionDanger(int);

native bool AIDefenseThreat(int, int, wave);

native bool AIEvalTacticalData(unit, string);

native bool AIFindDropAttackTarget(int, point);

native bool AIGetDifficulty(int, int);

native bool AIGetFlag(int, int);

native bool AIGivingUp(int);

native bool AIHasNearbyOpenExpansion(int);

native bool AIHasRes(int, int, int);

native bool AIHasStock(int);

native bool AIHasStockFromTown(int, int);

native bool AIIsCampaign(int);

native bool AIIsFollowingUnit(unit, string);

native bool AIIsIgnoredByWave(unit);

native bool AIIsNotUsableInWaves(unit);

native bool AIIsScriptControlled(unit);

native bool AIIsSuicideUnit(unit);

native bool AIIsTownHarvestRunning(int, int);

native bool AINearbyPlaneTest(point, int, fixed, int, int);

native bool AINearbyUnits(int, string, point, fixed, int);

native bool AIOfferNewScout(int, unit);

native bool AISameCommand(unit, unit);

native bool AISawCloakedUnit(int);

native bool AISetStockExpand(int, string, int);

native bool AISetStockTown(int, string, string);

native bool AIUnitIsInCombat(unit);

native bool AIWantsMultipleTransport(int);

native bool AIWaveIsInCombat(wave);

native bool OrderSetTargetPlacement(order, point, unit, string);

native bool PlayerGetAlliance(int, int, int);

native bool PointsInRange(point, point, fixed);

native bool StringEqual(string, string, bool);

native bool UnitGroupTestPlane(unitgroup, int);

native bool UnitIsAlive(unit);

native bool UnitIsHarvesting(unit, int);

native bool UnitOrderHasAbil(unit, string);

native bool UnitOrderIsValid(unit, order);

native bool UnitTestPlane(unit, int);

native bool UnitTestState(unit, int);

native bool UnitTypeTestAttribute(string, int);

native bool UnitTypeTestFlag(string, int);

native bool UnitWeaponsPlaneTest(unit, int);

native fixed AIAllyEnemyRatio(int, point, unitfilter, fixed, fixed);

native fixed AIGetNextDropTimeCheck(int);

native fixed AIGetTime();

native fixed AIGetTownEstablishedTime(int, int);

native fixed AIUnitGroupStrength(unitgroup);

native fixed AngleBetweenPoints(point, point);

native fixed DistanceBetweenPoints(point, point);

native fixed IntToFixed(int);

native fixed MaxF(fixed, fixed);

native fixed StringToFixed(string);

native fixed UnitGetFacing(unit);

native fixed UnitGetPropertyFixed(unit, int, bool);

native int AIAttackWaveSend(int, int, bool);

native int AICast(unit, order, marker, bool);

native int AICastFlee(unit, unit, int, marker);

native int AIChooseSubState();

native int AICounterUnits(int, int, string);

native int AIDefaultGetFullMakeTime(int, string);

native int AIDefaultGetObjectType(int, string);

native int AIDefenseThreatEval(int, int);

native int AIEvalAllAllied(int);

native int AIEvalLargestEnemy(int);

native int AIEvalRatio(int);

native int AIExpand(int, point, string);

native int AIGetAirStartLocs(point);

native int AIGetAirTownLocs(point);

native int AIGetBuildingCountInTown(int, int, string, int);

native int AIGetClosestTown(int, point);

native int AIGetCurPeonCount(int, int);

native int AIGetGasAmountLeft(int, int);

native int AIGetGroundStartLocs(point);

native int AIGetGroundTownLocs(point);

native int AIGetMainTown(int);

native int AIGetMaxPeonCount(int, int);

native int AIGetMinPeonCount(int, int);

native int AIGetMineralAmountLeft(int, int);

native int AIGetMineralNumSpots(int, int);

native int AIGetNextUnusedTownSlot(int);

native int AIGetNumAllies(int);

native int AIGetNumEnemies(int);

native int AIGetNumMobileTransports(int);

native int AIGetPlayerGroup(unitgroup);

native int AIGetRawGasNumSpots(int, int);

native int AIGetTotalStartLocs();

native int AIGetTotalTownLocs();

native int AIGetTownState(int, int);

native int AIGetUserInt(int, int);

native int AIKnownUnitCount(int, int, string);

native int AILastAttack(unit);

native int AILastAttackRatio(wave);

native int AILastAttackStartEval(wave);

native int AILastWaveEvalStaticRatio();

native int AIRandomVal(int, int);

native int AIState(int, int);

native int AITechCount(int, string, int);

native int AIUnitAreaEvalRatio(unit, fixed);

native int AIWaveDetectorCount(wave);

native int AIWaveEval(wave);

native int AIWaveEvalRatio(wave, fixed);

native int AIWaveGetTimeInCombat(wave);

native int AIWaveGetTimeSinceCombat(wave);

native int AIWaveGetTimeSinceOrdered(wave);

native int AIWaveGetTimeSinceRetreat(wave);

native int AIWaveGetUserData(wave, int);

native int AIWaveInfoAttack(waveinfo, int, point, wavetarget, int);

native int AIWaveInfoScout(waveinfo, int, point, int);

native int AIWaveInfoSuicide(waveinfo, int, point, wavetarget, int);

native int AIWaveState(wave);

native int AIWaveType(wave);

native int AIWaveUnitCount(wave);

native int AbsI(int);

native int CliffLevel(point);

native int DifficultyAPM(int);

native int FixedToInt(fixed);

native int OrderGetPlayer(order);

native int OrderGetTargetType(order);

native int PlayerDifficulty(int);

native int PlayerGetColorIndex(int, bool);

native int PlayerGetPropertyInt(int, int);

native int RandomInt(int, int);

native int StringToInt(string);

native int TechTreeBehaviorCount(int, string, int);

native int TechTreeUnitCount(int, string, int);

native int UnitBehaviorCount(unit, string);

native int UnitCargoValue(unit, int);

native int UnitGetOwner(unit);

native int UnitGetPropertyInt(unit, int, bool);

native int UnitGroupCount(unitgroup, int);

native int UnitMarkerCount(unit, marker);

native int UnitOrderCount(unit);

native int UnitRallyPointTargetCount(unit, int);

native marker MarkerCastingUnit(string, unit);

native order AIUnitGroupGetValidOrder(unitgroup, order, unit, bool);

native order Order(abilcmd);

native order UnitOrder(unit, int);

native playergroup PlayerGroupAll();

native point AIBestAllyAttackPoint(int, wave);

native point AIBestAllyDefendPoint(int, wave);

native point AIBestTargetPoint(unitgroup, int, int, fixed, fixed, point, fixed, int);

native point AIGetBestCreepSpot(int, unit, fixed);

native point AIGetBestTarget(int, playergroup, point, int);

native point AIGetCloakedAttacker(int);

native point AIGetGatherDefLocation(int, int);

native point AIGetGatherLocation(int, int);

native point AIGetHomePosition(unit);

native point AIGetNextScoutLoc(int);

native point AIGetRallyPoint(unit);

native point AIGetTownLocation(int, int);

native point AILastDropGoal();

native point AILastDropLocation();

native point AIPlacementNearbyFindTest(int, point, fixed, string);

native point AIRandomSpawnPoint(int, region, fixed, fixed, fixed);

native point AIWaveTargetGatherDPoint(int, int);

native point AIWaveTargetGatherOPoint(int, int);

native point CameraGetTarget(int);

native point OrderGetTargetPoint(order);

native point OrderGetTargetPosition(order);

native point PlayerStartLocation(int);

native point Point(fixed, fixed);

native point PointWithOffset(point, fixed, fixed);

native point PointWithOffsetPolar(point, fixed, fixed);

native point RegionRandomPoint(region);

native point UnitGetPosition(unit);

native point UnitRallyPointTargetPoint(unit, int, int);

native region RegionCircle(point, fixed);

native string AIDefaultGetFirstMissingReq(int, string);

native string AIDefaultGetFirstUnfinishedReq(int, string);

native string AIDefaultGetMaker(int, string);

native string AIGetBaseName(string);

native string AIGetBuildAtName(string);

native string AIGetBullyType(unit);

native string AIGetUserString(int, int);

native string AIWaveToString(wave);

native string AbilityCommandGetAbility(abilcmd);

native string CatalogFieldValueGet(int, string, string, int);

native string EventChatMessage(bool);

native string IntToString(int);

native string PlayerRace(int);

native string StringWord(string, int);

native string UnitGetType(unit);

native text AIWaveToText(wave);

native text PlayerColorName(int);

native text StringToText(string);

native trigger TriggerCreate(string);

native unit AIDefaultCombatPriority(unit, unitgroup, unitgroup);

native unit AIGetObstruction(int);

native unit AIGrabUnit(int, string, int, point);

native unit AILastAttacker(unit);

native unit AIWaveTargetGetUnit(wavetarget);

native unit OrderGetTargetUnit(order);

native unit UnitGroupNearestUnit(unitgroup, point);

native unit UnitGroupUnit(unitgroup, int);

native unitfilter UnitFilter(int, int, int, int);

native unitfilter UnitFilterStr(string);

native unitgroup AIFilterCasters(unitgroup);

native unitgroup AIFilterGathering(unitgroup, int, fixed);

native unitgroup AIFilterPathable(unitgroup, point);

native unitgroup AIFindUnits(int, string, point, fixed, int);

native unitgroup AIGetAllEscorts(unit);

native unitgroup AIGetAllEscortsGroup(unitgroup);

native unitgroup AIGetFilterGroup(aifilter, unitgroup);

native unitgroup AIGetTownThreats(int, int);

native unitgroup AIGetUnitsInWavesWithTarget(int, wavetarget);

native unitgroup AIWaveGetUnits(wave);

native unitgroup AIWaveTargetGetUnitGroup(wavetarget);

native unitgroup UnitCargoGroup(unit);

native unitgroup UnitGroup(string, int, region, unitfilter, int);

native unitgroup UnitGroupAlliance(int, int, region, unitfilter, int);

native unitgroup UnitGroupCopy(unitgroup);

native unitgroup UnitGroupFilter(string, int, unitgroup, unitfilter, int);

native unitgroup UnitGroupFilterAlliance(unitgroup, int, int, int);

native unitgroup UnitGroupFilterPlane(unitgroup, int, int);

native unitgroup UnitGroupFilterRegion(unitgroup, region, int);

native unitgroup UnitGroupFilterThreat(unitgroup, unit, string, int);

native void AIAddBully(int, string, point, int);

native void AIAddDetectionDanger(int, string);

native void AIAddStringInt(int, string, int);

native void AIAddToExtraScoutGroup(int, unit);

native void AIAttackWaveAddEscortType(int, string, unit, fixed, fixed);

native void AIAttackWaveAddEscortUnit(int, unit, unit, fixed, fixed);

native void AIAttackWaveAddUnits(int, int, string);

native void AIAttackWaveAddWaypoint(int, point, bool);

native void AIAttackWaveCancel(wave);

native void AIAttackWaveClearWaypoints(int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetGatherEarlyNoReplace(int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetGatherPoint(int, point);

native void AIAttackWaveSetKeepAlive(int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetEscort(int, unitgroup, int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetEscortNL(int, unitgroup, int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetGatherD(int, int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetGatherO(int, int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetMelee(int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetMeleeDefend(int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetMeleeDrop(int, point, point);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetMeleeHarass(int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetMerge(int, wave);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetPatrol(int, int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetPlayer(int, playergroup);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetPoint(int, point);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetRegion(int, region, int);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetUnit(int, unit);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetUnitGroup(int, unitgroup);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetUnitPoint(int, unit);

native void AIAttackWaveUseGroup(int, unitgroup);

native void AIAttackWaveUseUnit(int, unit);

native void AIBaseThink(unit, unitgroup);

native void AIBuild(int, int, int, string, int, int);

native void AIClearAllBullies(int);

native void AIClearBuildQueue(int);

native void AIClearCampaignScout(int);

native void AIClearCloakedAttacker(int, point);

native void AIClearLimitTech(int);

native void AIClearResearchQueue(int);

native void AIClearStock(int);

native void AIClearTrainQueue(int);

native void AICounterUnit(int, string, fixed, string);

native void AIDeclareTown(int, int, point);

native void AIDefaultEconomy(int, string, string, string, string, int, bool);

native void AIDefaultExpansion(int, string, int, int, int);

native void AIEnableStock(int);

native void AIEvalSetCustomIndex(int);

native void AIGlobalSuicide(int);

native void AIGoodGame(int);

native void AIHarvest(int, int);

native void AIHarvestBonus(int, fixed);

native void AIHarvestRate(int, int);

native void AIImportantTech(int, string);

native void AIInitCampaignHarvest(int);

native void AIInitCampaignTowns(int);

native void AILimitStockLarva(int, string);

native void AILimitTech(int, int, int, int, int, int, int);

native void AIMakeAlways(int, int, int, string, int);

native void AIMakeOnce(int, int, int, string, int);

native void AINearestTownBullyRebuild(int, bool);

native void AINearestTownLimitWaveGather(int, bool);

native void AINewChooseSubState(int, int, int, int, int);

native void AINewTechStock(int);

native void AIRemoveGroupFromAnyWaves(unitgroup);

native void AIRemoveStockFromTown(int, int);

native void AIRemoveUnitFromAnyWaves(unit);

native void AIReqAddSpecialMaker(string, string, string, int);

native void AIReqCountAsBuiltObject(int, string);

native void AIResearch(int, int, int, string);

native void AIResetBullyRebuildCountsInRegion(int, region);

native void AIResetCounterUnits(int);

native void AIResetUserData(int);

native void AIScout(int);

native void AISetAPM(int, int);

native void AISetAllStates(int, int);

native void AISetBullyAttackWavePercent(int, int);

native void AISetCreepBuilding(int, string, string);

native void AISetDifficulty(int, int, bool);

native void AISetFilterAlliance(aifilter, int);

native void AISetFilterBehaviorCount(aifilter, int, int, string);

native void AISetFilterBits(aifilter, unitfilter);

native void AISetFilterCanAttackAlly(aifilter, bool, bool);

native void AISetFilterCanAttackEnemy(aifilter, int, int);

native void AISetFilterEnergy(aifilter, fixed, fixed);

native void AISetFilterLife(aifilter, fixed, fixed);

native void AISetFilterLifeLost(aifilter, fixed, fixed);

native void AISetFilterLifeMod(aifilter, int, fixed);

native void AISetFilterLifePerMarker(aifilter, fixed, marker);

native void AISetFilterLifePercent(aifilter, fixed, fixed);

native void AISetFilterLifeSortReference(aifilter, fixed, fixed);

native void AISetFilterMarker(aifilter, int, int, marker);

native void AISetFilterPlane(aifilter, int);

native void AISetFilterRange(aifilter, unit, fixed);

native void AISetFilterSelf(aifilter, unit);

native void AISetFilterShields(aifilter, fixed, fixed);

native void AISetFlag(int, int, bool);

native void AISetGasPeonCountOverride(int, int, int);

native void AISetGeneralRebuildCount(int, bool, int);

native void AISetGroupNotUsableInWaves(unitgroup, bool);

native void AISetGroupScriptControlled(unitgroup, bool);

native void AISetGroupSuicide(unitgroup, bool);

native void AISetIgnoredByWave(unit, bool);

native void AISetMainTown(int, int);

native void AISetMinimumBullyCount(int, string, int);

native void AISetNextDropTimeCheck(int, fixed);

native void AISetNukeCloak(int, string);

native void AISetNukeCloakAbilLink(int, string);

native void AISetNukeCloakCost(int, fixed);

native void AISetNukeCloakRegenRate(int, fixed);

native void AISetNukeDamage(int, fixed, fixed);

native void AISetNukeGhost(int, string);

native void AISetNukeNukeAbilLink(int, string);

native void AISetNukeNukeCastTime(int, fixed);

native void AISetNukeNukeEffect(int, string);

native void AISetNukeRadiusClose(int, fixed, fixed);

native void AISetNukeRadiusFar(int, fixed, fixed);

native void AISetNukeRadiusMedium(int, fixed, fixed);

native void AISetNumScouts(int, int);

native void AISetPowerBuilding(int, string);

native void AISetScoutTimes(int, int, int, int, int);

native void AISetSpecificRebuildCount(int, string, int);

native void AISetSpecificState(int, int, int);

native void AISetStock(int, int, string);

native void AISetStockEx(int, int, int, string, int, int);

native void AISetStockExtra(int, int, string, int);

native void AISetStockFarms(int, string, bool);

native void AISetStockOpt(int, int, string);

native void AISetStockPeons(int, int, string, bool, bool);

native void AISetStockTechNext(int);

native void AISetStockUnitNext(int, int, string, bool);

native void AISetSubStateChance(int, int);

native void AISetTacticalAttackTargetPoint(unit, point);

native void AISetTacticalAttackTargetUnit(unit, unit);

native void AISetUnitNotUsableInWaves(unit, bool);

native void AISetUnitScriptControlled(unit, bool);

native void AISetUnitSuicide(unit, bool);

native void AISetUserInt(int, int, int);

native void AISetUserString(int, int, string);

native void AISetWantsMultipleTransport(int, bool);

native void AISetWantsToUpgrade(unit);

native void AIStart(int, bool, int);

native void AITechCountFixupEither(int, string, string, string);

native void AITechCountFixupInOrder(int, string, string, string);

native void AITechCountFixupSingle(int, string, string);

native void AITechFlag(int, int, int, string, int);

native void AITechStockAdd(string);

native void AIToggleBulliesInRegion(int, region, bool);

native void AITrain(int, int, int, string, int);

native void AITransportIgnore(int, string);

native void AITransportSetPanic(int, fixed);

native void AITransportSetReturn(int, point);

native void AIUpdateMainTown(int);

native void AIWaveAddUnit(wave, unit);

native void AIWaveAddUnitPriority(wave, unit, int);

native void AIWaveDelete(wave);

native void AIWaveInfoAdd(waveinfo, string, int);

native void AIWaveMerge(int, int, int);

native void AIWaveMergeMelee(int);

native void AIWaveRemoveUnit(wave, unit);

native void AIWaveSet(int, int, wave);

native void AIWaveSetType(wave, int, wavetarget);

native void AIWaveSetUserData(wave, int, int);

native void AIWaveTargetAddWaypoint(wavetarget, point, bool, int);

native void AIWaveTargetClearWaypoints(wavetarget);

native void DebugDump(int);

native void DebugFixed(fixed);

native void DebugInt(int);

native void DebugPoint(point);

native void DebugString(string);

native void DebugUnit(unit);

native void MarkerSetMatchFlag(marker, int, bool);

native void MarkerSetMismatchFlag(marker, int, bool);

native void MeleeInitAI();

native void MeleeInitOptions();

native void MeleeInitResources();

native void MeleeInitUnits();

native void OrderSetPlayer(order, int);

native void OrderSetTargetPassenger(order, unit);

native void OrderSetTargetPoint(order, point);

native void OrderSetTargetUnit(order, unit);

native void TriggerAddEventChatMessage(trigger, int, string, bool);

native void TriggerAddEventMapInit(trigger);

native void TriggerDebugOutput(int, text, bool);

native void UIDisplayMessage(playergroup, int, text);

native void UnitFilterSetState(unitfilter, int, int);

native void UnitGroupAdd(unitgroup, unit);

native void Wait(fixed, int);

native wave AIUnitGetWave(unit);

native wave AIWaveCreate(waveinfo, int, point);

native wave AIWaveGet(int, int);

native wave WaveLastCreated();

native waveinfo AIWaveInfo(wave);

native waveinfo AIWaveInfoCreate();

native wavetarget AIWaveGetTarget(wave);

native wavetarget AIWaveHarassRetreat(int, wave, fixed);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetEscort(unitgroup, int);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetEscortNL(unitgroup, int);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetGatherD(int, int);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetGatherO(int, int);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetMelee(int);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetMeleeDefend(int);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetMeleeDrop(int, point, point);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetMeleeHarass(int);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetMerge(wave);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetPatrol(int);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetPlayer(playergroup);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetPoint(point);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetRegion(region, int);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetUnit(unit);
native wavetarget AIWaveTargetUnitGroup(unitgroup);
native wavetarget AIWaveTargetUnitPoint(unit);
native aifilter AIFilter(int player);

native bool AIAnyAllyAttacking(int player);

native bool AIAnyAllyNeedsDefending(int player);

native bool AIAnyWorkersFleeingNearby(int player, point loc, fixed radius);

native bool AICloakEvaluate(unit u, fixed minEnergy, fixed maxLife, fixed range);

native bool AICombatAvoidDisabledUnits(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatAvoidNonThreats(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatAvoidTimedUnits(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatAvoidWeakUnits(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetActiveProduction(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetAir(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetAllyThreats(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetAttackers(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetCurrent(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetDropOffs(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetFood(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetHealers(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetInAttackRange(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetInjuries(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetMovers(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetProduction(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetSelfThreats(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetSiege(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetSpecial(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetThreats(int player, int action);

native bool AICombatTargetWorkers(int player, int action);

native bool AIControlForceToMove(unit u);

native bool AIControlForceUnburrow(unit u);

native bool AIControlWantsToBurrow(unit u);

native bool AIControlWantsToMove(unit u);

native bool AIControlWantsToUnburrow(unit u);

native bool AIDefaultSuspectDetectionDanger(int player);

native bool AIDefenseThreat(int type, int player, wave w);

native bool AIEvalTacticalData(unit who, string data);

native bool AIFindDropAttackTarget(int player, point gatherPoint);

native bool AIGetDifficulty(int player, int index);

native bool AIGetFlag(int player, int index);

native bool AIGivingUp(int player);

native bool AIHasNearbyOpenExpansion(int player);

native bool AIHasRes(int player, int minerals, int gas);

native bool AIHasStock(int player);

native bool AIHasStockFromTown(int player, int town);

native bool AIIsCampaign(int player);

native bool AIIsFollowingUnit(unit aiUnit, string unitType);

native bool AIIsIgnoredByWave(unit u);

native bool AIIsNotUsableInWaves(unit u);

native bool AIIsScriptControlled(unit u);

native bool AIIsSuicideUnit(unit u);

native bool AIIsTownHarvestRunning(int player, int town);

native bool AINearbyPlaneTest(point p, int player, fixed range, int inPlane, int inAlliance);

native bool AINearbyUnits(int player, string unitType, point p, fixed range, int requiredCount);

native bool AIOfferNewScout(int player, unit u);

native bool AISameCommand(unit u1, unit u2);

native bool AISawCloakedUnit(int p);

native bool AISetStockExpand(int player, string aliasUnitTypeTH, int count);

native bool AISetStockTown(int player, string aliasUnitTypeTH, string aliasUnitTypeGas);

native bool AIUnitIsInCombat(unit u);

native bool AIWantsMultipleTransport(int player);

native bool AIWaveIsInCombat(wave w);

native fixed AIAllyEnemyRatio(int player, point p, unitfilter filter, fixed range, fixed minThreshold);

native fixed AIGetNextDropTimeCheck(int player);

native fixed AIGetTime();

native fixed AIGetTownEstablishedTime(int player, int town);

native fixed AIUnitGroupStrength(unitgroup inGroup);

native int AIKnownUnitCount(int player, int testPlayerId, string aliasUnitType);

native int AIState(int player, int index);

native int AITechCount(int player, string aliasType, int countMask);

native int AIWaveDetectorCount(wave w);

native int AIWaveType(wave waveRef);

native int AIWaveUnitCount(wave w);

native int AIAttackWaveSend(int player, int time, bool wait);

native int AICast(unit u, order o, marker m, bool retreat);

native int AICastFlee(unit who, unit from, int distance, marker mark);

native int AIChooseSubState();

native int AICounterUnits(int player, int testPlayerId, string makeWhat);

native int AIDefaultGetFullMakeTime(int player, string aliasType);

native int AIDefaultGetObjectType(int player, string aliasType);

native int AIDefenseThreatEval(int type, int player);

native int AIEvalRatio(int player);

native int AIExpand(int player, point searchStart, string firstBuilding);

native int AIGetAirStartLocs(point loc);

native int AIGetAirTownLocs(point loc);

native int AIGetBuildingCountInTown(int player, int town, string aliasUnitType, int countMask);

native int AIGetClosestTown(int player, point location);

native int AIGetCurPeonCount(int player, int town);

native int AIGetGasAmountLeft(int player, int town);

native int AIGetGroundStartLocs(point loc);

native int AIGetGroundTownLocs(point loc);

native int AIGetMainTown(int player);

native int AIGetMaxPeonCount(int player, int town);

native int AIGetMinPeonCount(int player, int town);

native int AIGetMineralAmountLeft(int player, int town);

native int AIGetMineralNumSpots(int player, int town);

native int AIGetNextUnusedTownSlot(int player);

native int AIGetNumAllies(int player);

native int AIGetNumEnemies(int player);

native int AIGetNumMobileTransports(int player);

native int AIGetPlayerGroup(unitgroup inGroup);

native int AIGetRawGasNumSpots(int player, int town);

native int AIGetTotalStartLocs();

native int AIGetTotalTownLocs();

native int AIGetTownState(int player, int town);

native int AIGetUserInt(int player, int index);

native int AILastAttack(unit u);

native int AILastAttackRatio(wave w);

native int AILastAttackStartEval(wave w);

native int AILastWaveEvalStaticRatio();

native int AIRandomVal(int player, int which);

native int AIUnitAreaEvalRatio(unit u, fixed range);

native int AIWaveEval(wave w);

native int AIWaveEvalRatio(wave w, fixed range);

native int AIWaveGetTimeInCombat(wave w);

native int AIWaveGetTimeSinceCombat(wave w);

native int AIWaveGetTimeSinceOrdered(wave w);

native int AIWaveGetTimeSinceRetreat(wave w);

native int AIWaveInfoAttack(waveinfo info, int player, point from, wavetarget target, int time);

native int AIWaveInfoScout(waveinfo info, int player, point from, int time);

native int AIWaveInfoSuicide(waveinfo info, int player, point from, wavetarget target, int time);

native int AIWaveState(wave w);

native order AIUnitGroupGetValidOrder(unitgroup inGroup, order inOrder, unit caster, bool forwards);

native point AIBestAllyAttackPoint(int player, wave w);

native point AIBestAllyDefendPoint(int player, wave w);

native point AIBestTargetPoint(unitgroup group, int minHits, int damageBase, fixed minScore, fixed radius, point from, fixed range, int bonusAttri);

native point AIGetBestCreepSpot(int player, unit creator, fixed createRadius);

native point AIGetBestTarget(int player, playergroup enemies, point gatherPoint, int flags);

native point AIGetCloakedAttacker(int p);

native point AIGetGatherDefLocation(int player, int town);

native point AIGetGatherLocation(int player, int town);//xxx remove old functions

native point AIGetHomePosition(unit u);

native point AIGetNextScoutLoc(int player);

native point AIGetRallyPoint(unit u);

native point AIGetTownLocation(int player, int town);

native point AILastDropGoal();

native point AILastDropLocation();

native point AIPlacementNearbyFindTest(int player, point loc, fixed range, string unitType);

native point AIRandomSpawnPoint(int player, region r, fixed minDistFromEnemy, fixed maxDistFromEnemy, fixed maxDistFromBuilding);

native point AIWaveTargetGatherDPoint(int player, int town);

native point AIWaveTargetGatherOPoint(int player, int town);

native string AIDefaultGetFirstMissingReq(int player, string aliasType);

native string AIDefaultGetFirstUnfinishedReq(int player, string aliasType);

native string AIDefaultGetMaker(int player, string aliasType);

native string AIGetBaseName(string aliasType);

native string AIGetBuildAtName(string aliasType);

native string AIGetBullyType(unit u);

native string AIGetUserString(int player, int index);

native string AIWaveToString(wave w);

native text AIWaveToText(wave w);

native trigger TriggerCreate(string s);

native unit AIWaveTargetGetUnit(wavetarget wt);

native unit AIDefaultCombatPriority(unit target, unitgroup attackers, unitgroup enemies);

native unit AIGetObstruction(int player);

native unit AIGrabUnit(int player, string aliasUnitType, int prio, point location);

native unit AILastAttacker(unit u);

native unitgroup AIWaveTargetGetUnitGroup(wavetarget wt);

native unitgroup AIFilterCasters(unitgroup group);

native unitgroup AIFilterGathering(unitgroup group, int inResource, fixed distance);

native unitgroup AIFilterPathable(unitgroup group, point inStart);

native unitgroup AIFindUnits(int player, string unitType, point p, fixed range, int inMaxCount);

native unitgroup AIGetAllEscorts(unit u);

native unitgroup AIGetAllEscortsGroup(unitgroup ug);

native unitgroup AIGetFilterGroup(aifilter filter, unitgroup group);

native unitgroup AIGetTownThreats(int player, int town);

native unitgroup AIGetUnitsInWavesWithTarget(int player, wavetarget target);

native unitgroup AIWaveGetUnits(wave w);

native void TriggerAddEventMapInit(trigger t);

native void TriggerDestroy(trigger t);

native void TriggerExecute(trigger t, bool testConds, bool runActions);

native void AIAddBully(int player, string unitType, point loc, int rebuildCount);

native void AIAddDetectionDanger(int player, string unitType);

native void AIAddStringInt(int player, string data, int change);

native void AIAddToExtraScoutGroup(int player, unit u);

native void AIAttackWaveAddEscortType(int player, string unitType, unit escort, fixed offset, fixed angle);

native void AIAttackWaveAddEscortUnit(int player, unit u, unit escort, fixed offset, fixed angle);

native void AIAttackWaveAddUnits(int difficulty, int count, string unitType);

native void AIAttackWaveAddWaypoint(int player, point waypoint, bool useTransport);

native void AIAttackWaveCancel(wave waveRef);

native void AIAttackWaveClearWaypoints(int player);

native void AIAttackWaveSetGatherEarlyNoReplace(int player);

native void AIAttackWaveSetGatherPoint(int player, point gather);

native void AIAttackWaveSetKeepAlive(int player);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetEscort(int player, unitgroup g, int replaceType);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetEscortNL(int player, unitgroup g, int replaceType);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetGatherD(int player, int town);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetGatherO(int player, int town);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetMelee(int player);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetMeleeDefend(int player);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetMeleeDrop(int player, point dropLoc, point goalLoc);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetMeleeHarass(int player);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetMerge(int player, wave w);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetPatrol(int player, int replaceType);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetPlayer(int player, playergroup players);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetPoint(int player, point p);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetRegion(int player, region r, int replaceType);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetUnit(int player, unit u);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetUnitGroup(int player, unitgroup ug);

native void AIAttackWaveSetTargetUnitPoint(int player, unit u);

native void AIAttackWaveUseGroup(int player, unitgroup ug);

native void AIAttackWaveUseUnit(int player, unit u);

native void AIBaseThink(unit who, unitgroup candidates);

native void AIBuild(int player, int priority, int town, string aliasUnitType, int count, int flags);

native void AIClearAllBullies(int player);

native void AIClearBuildQueue(int player);

native void AIClearCampaignScout(int player);

native void AIClearCloakedAttacker(int p, point pt);

native void AIClearLimitTech(int player);

native void AIClearResearchQueue(int player);

native void AIClearStock(int player);

native void AIClearTrainQueue(int player);

native void AICounterUnit(int player, string seeWhat, fixed factor, string makeWhat);

native void AIDeclareTown(int player, int town, point center);

native void AIDefaultEconomy(int player, string hall, string gas, string food, string peon, int cap, bool peonMode);

native void AIDefaultExpansion(int player, string hall, int minerals, int gas, int expandFlags);

native void AIEnableStock(int player);

native void AIEvalSetCustomIndex(int index);

native void AIGlobalSuicide(int player);

native void AIGoodGame(int player);

native void AIHarvest(int player, int town);

native void AIHarvestBonus(int player, fixed bonus);

native void AIHarvestRate(int player, int rate);

native void AIImportantTech(int player, string aliasType);

native void AIInitCampaignHarvest(int player);

native void AIInitCampaignTowns(int player);

native void AILimitStockLarva(int player, string aliasType);

native void AILimitTech(int player, int totalMin, int totalGas, int buildingMin, int buildingGas, int upgradeMin, int upgradeGas);

native void AIMakeAlways(int player, int priority, int town, string aliasType, int count);

native void AIMakeOnce(int player, int priority, int town, string aliasType, int count);

native void AINearestTownBullyRebuild(int player, bool enable);

native void AINearestTownLimitWaveGather(int player, bool enable);

native void AINewChooseSubState(int player, int which, int min, int max, int defaultSubState);

native void AINewTechStock(int player);

native void AIRemoveGroupFromAnyWaves(unitgroup ug);

native void AIRemoveStockFromTown(int player, int town);

native void AIRemoveUnitFromAnyWaves(unit u);

native void AIReqAddSpecialMaker(string objType, string makerType, string abilName, int abilIndex);

native void AIReqCountAsBuiltObject(int player, string aliasType);

native void AIResearch(int player, int priority, int town, string aliasUpgradeType);

native void AIResetBullyRebuildCountsInRegion(int player, region reg);

native void AIResetCounterUnits(int player);

native void AIResetUserData(int player);

native void AIScout(int player);

native void AISetAPM(int player, int apm);

native void AISetAllStates(int player, int state);

native void AISetBullyAttackWavePercent(int percent, int player);

native void AISetCreepBuilding(int player, string building, string noCreepBehavior);

native void AISetDifficulty(int player, int index, bool state);

native void AISetFilterAlliance(aifilter filter, int want);

native void AISetFilterBehaviorCount(aifilter filter, int minBehavior, int maxBehavior, string behaviorType);

native void AISetFilterBits(aifilter filter, unitfilter uf);

native void AISetFilterCanAttackAlly(aifilter filter, bool groundAllies, bool airAllies);

native void AISetFilterCanAttackEnemy(aifilter filter, int enemyGroundCount, int enemyAirCount);

native void AISetFilterLife(aifilter filter, fixed min, fixed max);

native void AISetFilterLifeLost(aifilter filter, fixed min, fixed max);

native void AISetFilterLifeMod(aifilter filter, int type, fixed mod);

native void AISetFilterLifePerMarker(aifilter filter, fixed each, marker m);

native void AISetFilterLifePercent(aifilter filter, fixed min, fixed max);

native void AISetFilterLifeSortReference(aifilter filter, fixed value, fixed distance);

native void AISetFilterMarker(aifilter filter, int min, int max, marker m);

native void AISetFilterPlane(aifilter filter, int plane);

native void AISetFilterRange(aifilter filter, unit center, fixed radius);

native void AISetFilterSelf(aifilter filter, unit exclude);

native void AISetFilterShields(aifilter filter, fixed min, fixed max);

native void AISetFlag(int player, int index, bool state);

native void AISetGasPeonCountOverride(int player, int town, int desiredGasCount);

native void AISetGeneralRebuildCount(int count, bool building, int player);

native void AISetGroupNotUsableInWaves(unitgroup ug, bool enable);

native void AISetGroupScriptControlled(unitgroup ug, bool enable);

native void AISetGroupSuicide(unitgroup ug, bool enable);

native void AISetIgnoredByWave(unit u, bool enable);

native void AISetMainTown(int player, int maintown);

native void AISetMinimumBullyCount(int count, string unitType, int player);

native void AISetNextDropTimeCheck(int player, fixed time);

native void AISetNumScouts(int player, int num);

native void AISetPowerBuilding(int player, string building);

native void AISetScoutTimes(int player, int starts, int obstructed, int resources, int other);

native void AISetSpecificRebuildCount(int count, string unitType, int player);

native void AISetSpecificState(int player, int index, int state);

native void AISetStock(int player, int count, string aliasType);

native void AISetStockEx(int player, int town, int count, string aliasType, int buildFlags, int stockFlags);

native void AISetStockExtra(int player, int count, string aliasUnitType, int minerals);

native void AISetStockFarms(int player, string aliasUnitType, bool onlyNeeded);

native void AISetStockOpt(int player, int count, string aliasType);

native void AISetStockPeons(int player, int max, string aliasUnitType, bool onlyMinPeons, bool peonMode);

native void AISetStockTechNext(int player);

native void AISetStockUnitNext(int player, int count, string aliasUnitType, bool when);

native void AISetSubStateChance(int subState, int chance);

native void AISetTacticalAttackTargetPoint(unit u, point t);

native void AISetTacticalAttackTargetUnit(unit u, unit t);

native void AISetUnitNotUsableInWaves(unit u, bool enable);

native void AISetUnitScriptControlled(unit u, bool enable);

native void AISetUnitSuicide(unit u, bool enable);

native void AISetUserInt(int player, int index, int data);

native void AISetUserString(int player, int index, string data);

native void AISetWantsMultipleTransport(int player, bool enable);

native void AISetWantsToUpgrade(unit u);

native void AIStart(int player, bool isCampaign, int apm);

native void AITechCountFixupEither(int player, string baseUnit, string upgradeOne, string upgradeTwo);

native void AITechCountFixupInOrder(int player, string baseUnit, string upgradeOne, string upgradeTwo);

native void AITechCountFixupSingle(int player, string baseUnit, string upgradeOne);

native void AITechFlag(int player, int index, int count, string what, int state);

native void AITechStockAdd(string upgradeType);

native void AIToggleBulliesInRegion(int player, region reg, bool activate);

native void AITrain(int player, int priority, int town, string aliasUnitType, int count);

native void AITransportIgnore(int player, string unitType);

native void AITransportSetPanic(int player, fixed value);

native void AITransportSetReturn(int player, point center);

native void AIUpdateMainTown(int player);

native void AIWaveAddUnit(wave w, unit u);

native void AIWaveAddUnitPriority(wave w, unit u, int prio);

native void AIWaveDelete(wave w);

native void AIWaveInfoAdd(waveinfo info, string unitType, int count);

native void AIWaveMerge(int player, int waveFrom, int waveInto);

native void AIWaveMergeMelee(int player);

native void AIWaveRemoveUnit(wave w, unit u);

native void AIWaveSet(int player, int waveName, wave waveRef);

native void AIWaveSetType(wave w, int type, wavetarget target);

native void AIWaveTargetAddWaypoint(wavetarget wt, point waypoint, bool useTransport, int index);

native void AIWaveTargetClearWaypoints(wavetarget wt);

native void DebugFixed(fixed value);

native void DebugInt(int value);

native void DebugPoint(point value);

native void DebugString(string value);

native void DebugUnit(unit value);

native wave AIUnitGetWave(unit u);

native wave AIWaveCreate(waveinfo info, int player, point from);

native wave AIWaveGet(int player, int waveName);

native wave WaveLastCreated();

native waveinfo AIWaveInfo(wave w);

native waveinfo AIWaveInfoCreate();

native wavetarget AIWaveGetTarget(wave w);

native wavetarget AIWaveHarassRetreat(int player, wave w, fixed range);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetEscort(unitgroup g, int replaceType);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetEscortNL(unitgroup g, int replaceType);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetGatherD(int player, int town);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetGatherO(int player, int town);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetMelee(int player);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetMeleeDefend(int player);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetMeleeDrop(int player, point dropLoc, point goalLoc);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetMeleeHarass(int player);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetMerge(wave w);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetPatrol(int replaceType);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetPlayer(playergroup players);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetPoint(point p);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetRegion(region r, int replaceType);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetUnit(unit u);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetUnitGroup(unitgroup g);

native wavetarget AIWaveTargetUnitPoint(unit u);

Players are integers. Starting from 1, as far as I know.
Unit types are strings.

Just to explain some of the parameters. :)


Good Idea™
Here is a working script that contains the event response for typing a chat command, and displays it back.
// Generated Map Script
// Name:   Just Another StarCraft II Map
// Author: Unknown Author
include "TriggerLibs/NativeLib"

// Library Initialization
void InitLibs () {

// Trigger Variables
trigger gt_MeleeInitialization;

// Super cool
bool gt_OnChat_Func (bool testConds, bool runActions) {
	UIDisplayMessage(PlayerGroupAll(), c_messageAreaSubtitle, StringToText(EventChatMessage(true)));
	UIDisplayMessage(PlayerGroupAll(), c_messageAreaSubtitle, StringToText(EventChatMessage(false)));
	if (runActions) {
	return true;

// Trigger: Melee Initialization
bool gt_MeleeInitialization_Func (bool testConds, bool runActions) {
    // Actions
    if (runActions) {

    return true;

void gt_MeleeInitialization_Init () {
    gt_MeleeInitialization = TriggerCreate("gt_MeleeInitialization_Func");
	TriggerAddEventChatMessage(TriggerCreate("gt_OnChat_Func"), 1, "", false);
	TriggerAddEventChatMessage(TriggerCreate("gt_OnChat_Func"), 1, "", true);

// Trigger Initialization
void InitTriggers () {

// Map Initialization
void InitMap () {

I don't know if anyone else has managed to get that working, before.


You can change this now in User CP.
Hmm, i can't find the equivalent of timers, just
native void Wait(fixed, int)

Hmm, why "int" btw.


Good Idea™
Hmm, i can't find the equivalent of timers, just
native void Wait(fixed, int)

Hmm, why "int" btw.
It's probably a parameter for some sort of wait mode. :p
I haven't tried it yet, my free time is slammed down to almost nothing... :(

I just wanted to be the first to get a non-init trigger event working. Lol. :D


Super Moderator
Staff member
> Native function list:
AI Native function list...

> maybe Galaxy is already OOP?..
It doesn't look like it from what I've seen.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Hmm, i can't find the equivalent of timers, just
native void Wait(fixed, int)
It looks like all the functions in the list are just AI functions.


New Member
These aren't SC2 natives.

They are the AI natives. These will likely touched by most people, except people creating AI.

The language will be OOP. This isn't C++, but it's enough OOP that you can have things like libraries and stuff.


You can change this now in User CP.
If i can declare globals, use the keywords "private" , "public" , have the equivalent of a "struct", "library", "requires" and "initializer" then it's already enough, else it's not.


Aerospace/Cybersecurity Software Engineer
These aren't SC2 natives.

They are the AI natives.
They are the SC2 AI Natives.

These will likely touched by most people, except people creating AI.

The language will be OOP. This isn't C++, but it's enough OOP that you can have things like libraries and stuff.
Libraries are not OOP, and I'm pretty sure the language is not OOP.

If i can declare globals, use the keywords "private" , "public" , have the equivalent of a "struct", "library", "requires" and "initializer" then it's already enough, else it's not.
It's enough to get started, I like the idea of classes and methods though, so I won't say that it's all I ever wanted.


You can change this now in User CP.
It's enough to get started, I like the idea of classes and methods though, so I won't say that it's all I ever wanted.
Yes and also the equivalent of modules.

So i guess Galaxy won't be enough by itself anyway :D


Good Idea™
native fixed UnitGetFacing(unit);
native unitgroup UnitGroup(string, int, region, unitfilter, int);

How the hell are these AI natives?
I actually think the language is just incomplete...
so you guys are moving on to sc2 then :).
It's only novelty value at the moment, since there's no available editor...


native fixed UnitGetFacing(unit);
native unitgroup UnitGroup(string, int, region, unitfilter, int);

How the hell are these AI natives?
Only about 15 or so of them are actual non-AI natives. =P

It is still useful for syntax, but how do we know that we'll be able to execute the AI natives? (Considering you can't do that in wc3 unless you use JNGP with native declaration, and Blizz also declares some functions that have similar counterparts in the common.j but aren't used in actual WE [eg: DisplayText()]) =D

However, at least some of the functions like UnitFacing and UnitGroup seem promising. But yes, once we get SC2 we'll definitely be in need of 4-liner systems. :D Only joking though, it is interesting to create systems with the very limited resources/references you have, but it might be a bit more stressful (find what natives you can use) than fun. Or at least wait until Galaxy BETA is launched so that you can get a full native list. :shades:


Good Idea™
Here's an example of how to enumerate every unit on the map, including resources: [LJASS]AIFindUnits(0,null,Point(0,0),500000,c_noMaxCount) // I think, but actually this might only get resources, now that I think about it...[/LJASS].

Really useful for the TD I'm trying to write (in my sick day off, today). =]

Edit: A working snippet to find all units of a player:
unitgroup PlayerUnits(int player){
	return AIFindUnits(player,null,Point(0,0),500000,c_noMaxCount);

unitgroup myGroup=PlayerUnits(1); // gets all of player 1's units.

How do we know we can use the natives? Well, for starters, I'm using them. Secondly, most of the sample code uses them. It basically seems AI code and normal code is merged, but we don't know what Blizzard will pull on us in the future. :)


Good Idea™
I wrote a little FAQ for Galaxy which I put up on a wiki today, since Wc3Campaigns doesn't allow guess access in the Off-Topic forum.
That doesn't even have a pointer example! :p
Nice work, it's nice to see information popping up all over the place. Kudos if you figure out function pointers. :p
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