Sci/Tech Scientists believe Mars lander exposed ice crumbs


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This color image released by NASA and acquired by NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander's Surface Stereo Imager on Friday, June 13, 2008, shows one trench informally called "Dodo-Goldilocks" after two digs on June 12, by Phoenix's Robotic Arm. Shallow trenches excavated by the lander's backhoe-like robotic arm have turned up specks and at times even stripes of mysterious white material mixed in with the clumpy, reddish dirt. (AP Photo/NASA/JPL/CalTech)

Scientists believe NASA's Phoenix Mars lander exposed bits of ice while digging in the soil of the Martian arctic in recent days.

Principal investigator Peter Smith said Thursday that crumbs of bright material seen in the trench have since vanished. He says that means it must have been frozen water that vaporized after being exposed.

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wierdest planet ever. (could be salt though :p)

wish there were some frozen solid aliens :p


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How does it keep melted even though it seems pretty hot. Wouldn't the dirt be cold too? Or maybe frozen.


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I saw this in my newspaper, its pretty cool that they finally found water. They know its not salt because salt doesn't evaporate, and they don't think its dry ice for some reason i forgot ><.
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