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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Master_wong, Nov 11, 2007.

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    Ok first off a few things, this is a relative of Ryokos SD, i did ask permission to use the name, and i hope this is the right place for this.

    Hello I am MasterWong leader of the SuddenDeath Gaming Clan, we are relativly new in the gaming world but we have a nice group, we do have a ranking system but currently its been taken out of use for revamping. We enjoy all sorts of games and i will play most games if its good, read below for details. We have our own site and in joining the clan we expect you to visit and post on it but its a fun place, we also have vent, a share in a cs:s server (not permanent if we dont get some donations in) and thats pretty much the bulk of what i have to say if your interested read below and contact me on one of the methods listed

    Were looking for guilds who wish to be part of a clan (guild/groups not solo players)

    -Active With 10+ Players, Playing that game
    -Follow our rules (they are simple)
    --No Cheating
    --No Using illegal 3rd party software
    --Not Abusing the clan name
    -Must Use Our Forum (we can host private forums, i mean whole forums not just a section on our main forum)
    -Use vent occasionally
    -The Game you play dont matter

    Were also looking for solo players but these must play one of the following games: -
    -Silkroad Online (Pacific Server)
    -World Of Warcraft (Boulderfist Server)
    -Guild Wars
    -Xbox 360 Live Players (More for fun but we can make competitions out of this)
    -Counter Strike: Source (If this becomes more active we will buy into a share of a server we have been offered)

    We are an International Clan Country Does not Matter but Moderate to Advance Understanding of English is Required for all who Wish to Join.

    Contact me on one of the following:

    My Gaming Alias is [SD]MasterWong but if you prefer Matt is my Real Name.
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    Ryokos SD? SD_Ryoko? If your a relative, why isnt the name right? Anyways, It does sound like an alright clan, But they all are MMORPGS? Is there Diablo 2? And i dont think advertising is really that supported here, not like not supported, but not really that much wanted.

    >we also have vent, a share in a cs:s server (not permanent if we dont get some donations in)

    So are you asking for donations, but in a hidden way? ;)

    Anyways, good luck with your clan!
  3. esb

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    What makes your clan so good or better than others?

    If you're going to advertise, at least make it worthwhile and entertaining. First I see is a set a rules, a clan is a place to have fun, with some limits, not things like "Rules, rules, donate, rules, rules, games"
  4. PurgeandFire

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    A pretty cool site, I love the theme and design. It is relaxing and looks pretty good. I would join but I don't really play those games, but I might play Silkroad soon because some people I know said it is really good.
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    I can post rules if you want but tbh its revolves around these
    • No Cheating
    • No Using Illegal 3rd party software
    • Respectful to Other Members
    • Have Fun

    Other then that its just more detailed definitions of them.

    Were not claiming to be the best clan by far were not, but we are friendly, want to have fun and want to expand.

    Im not asking anyone to join then donate, im quite happy to cover the bulk of the costs on the server but i want people to use it otherwise there is no point for either my clan or the clan we are sharing it with.

    Like iv said we are not in a lot of games but we are looking for groups to join and spread our network of games rather then solely recruiting for games we play in.

    The clan is only a slight relative to ryoko's SuddenDeath as in i was once in his Silkroad (Xian Server) SuddenDeath and enjoyed my time there and wanted to carry that on, anyone who was and stil is in his SuddenDeath is a welcome member in my one.

    Further more if you want to chat here is our vent server just pop in il be on after college.

    Vent Connect

    ps our name is different because were not 100% the same we decided to use a different one rather then SD_, [SD] justs seems more clan ish
  6. PurgeandFire

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    When life hands you cash, you don't throw it away. :rolleyes:

    Almost all sites (with domains) have people that donate so that the owner can pay the domain fees and hosting fees. ;)
  7. Master_wong

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    that is true, atleast we aint one of these clans running about with them crappy free domains though we aint set up a donate feature yet.

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