Serious Battlefield Vietnam Problems With the game files

Discussion in 'Battlefield Support' started by BobyChan, Apr 28, 2012.

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    Hi, I'm new to this website. I registered specifically for a problem I'm having. So I bought the Redux version of BFV a while ago, and I thought I'd try to download some mods for it. I booted up the game, played it forever, and finally got a couple of mods. Well, BFV Arsenal doesn't work for me, but that isn't the problem. I got a mod called AI realism. It was great, but I had to switch out the game's core files for the mod to work. At first, I had no trouble switching out the files, playing the mod, and switching them back, but I believe that I've switched them to many times, or possibly got a few files mixed around. Either way, I can only play the game with the mod files and no longer, what I assume, are all of the core files. It isn't necessarily a huge problem seeing as I can still play the game, but the Redux version had some cool features. The game won't process when I try to uninstall it, the startup screen just goes away. I tried to delete all of the files from my computer, but that didn't work either. I think there are some hidden files somewhere, but I can't find them. If anyone has ANY suggestions on how to fix it, I'll gladly listen.

    Short version: I screwed up the games files, can't uninstall it. Help.

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