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SetHeroLevel is buggy. SetHeroLevel(6553) will set it to the max level. Anything above 6553 doesn't work. You have to set to 6553 (max level) and then strip to get down to correct level between 6553 and 10000.


library SetHeroLevelX
    function SetHeroLevelX takes unit whichUnit, integer level returns nothing
        if (level<6553) then
            call SetHeroLevel(whichUnit,level,false)
            call SetHeroLevel(whichUnit,6553,false)
            if (GetHeroLevel(whichUnit)!=level) then
                call UnitStripHeroLevel(whichUnit,GetHeroLevel(whichUnit)-level)


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At least write one sentence about it. Why would someone want to use it?


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Can I suggest you to do a system with things about Level? ^_^

Instead of snipped's?


set Gwypaas = Guhveepaws
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I suggest adding a boolean to the argument list to loop the level set. If a map has any triggers in it that fire on a hero level up the triggers only fire once when you SetHeroLevel. If someone has something like triggered attributes or anything that requires doing every level this wont meet requirements.


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With default xp settings, at level 6552, the xp is at 2146584576. The reason 6553 turns into 10,000 is because the xp overflows (2^31, or 2147483648 is max).

xp is stored in an unsigned int. If you look at a level 9268, you see this
4294734080 out of 693248

unsigned limit: 4294967296

so it overflows. The real value is 693248+4294967296

If you added 233216, it shows
0 out of 693248

What this means is that in order to get actual required xp for a given level, you have to do it in this format


However, because integers are signed


so you'd have 3 values to represent proper xp.

When adding xp, it bugs due to overflow errors. If you were to add 2^31-1 xp to a level 1, it would go to level 10,000 due to overflow errors. We saw that level 9268 required 4294734080 xp.

2147483647 out of

Clearly, the unit with 2147483647 is not even at level 9268.

10,000 requires 704825856 xp (bugged overflow). In order to see how wc3 handles the max level, I now add 704825856-1

resulting level: 3754

I now add 704825857

resulting level: 3754 with 704825856 xp

What this means is that you can only safely add hero max level xp at a time up to when it overflows. However, because it overflows at a level that requires less xp than 2^31, this means that wc3 was coded stupidly. wc3 uses integers when computing levels but stores the actual xp in an unsigned int. This would explain why when adding 704825856 many times results in a level 6502 that is not into its level at all (adding -xp just sends it to minimum xp for level) whereas adding it 3x results in a 6502 that is almost level 6503.

What this means is that a couple of my own libs do not currently work correctly

-> UnitStatePercent
-> SetHeroLevelX

I will be fixing them though =).

Now, the next bug to address is why UnitStripHeroLevel gives more -regen than necessary. If you continue to strip down from 10,000, your hero will eventually have -xp (very, very, very strange considering the ints should be unsigned, unless ofc they have an extra bit for the sign).

I will hopefully get this library fixed to reflect latest research into how wc3 handles xp.

This ofc means that UnitStatePercent is bugged too.

It also means that GetHeroXP is bugged... it's all bugged : (


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Ok, this will only work with default settings. I'm actually working on a library that fixes hero levels so that this will not be needed eventually. It also improves bounty and lumber (since a lot of overhead can be saved by addressing bounty/lumber as well as hero levels).

Only prob is this new library is using UnitIndexer, so it won't be making it to thehelper :\.


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I hope someone makes a cure for AIDS. The API's unsightliness blights my eyes.


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I hope someone makes a cure for AIDS.
This made my day.

But bribe is correct, you can't ask Nes to make a version for aids when he has his own fully functional and faster system that people refuse to use because, well, nes did it
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