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I've never read it...What's it about?
Btw Rinpun we have our own thread for arguing about evolution :) I have a new post there as well (sorta new --- did you reply yet?) lol and im getting bored :p so please respond or something of the like so we can keep adding meaningless debates to our everyday lives :p if you do NOT plan to keep posting there then tell me so I can stop too lol :p or are you going to reply with your Location ? :D Thanks I wont bring this up anymore here.

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Alexander said:
I've never read it...What's it about?
Oh man, its a classic. About super genious children who are recuited to fight alien invaders. Most of the book is about the children in the space "Battle School" where they are trained to be warriors. The main character is like the chosen one to command Earth's armies.

Shadowy Fear said:
im getting bored so please respond or something of the like so we can keep adding meaningless debates to our everyday lives
Yeah Rinpun, giving up already are ya?
Lol, that's Sci-Fiish enough for me...What was the title?
And work when I can make you do it?! NONSENSE! WHAT IS THIS JACKASSERY YOU SPEAK OF?! (You know that's a real word? Lol, I love the dictionary sometimes!)
...Oh, that's so not cool...I was outsmarted! :eek:

*Gives rep to Marks* That was good! :D
I'm 16. Rin's younger then I am. I doubt almost ANYONE here, as far as members, is really at the age they could be considered an author. I don't even intend to release my books until I'm 18 (need to be able to claim rights for it...Not sure about legal stuff, have to look into it) but that doesn't mean I can't have the books ready and waiting! :D

So, you write! :D What do you write? :p
Well lets see ... poetry as you know :p :D
MMmmmmm, essays for school (dont laugh, but im writing one right now)
Short stories (most for school, but still :p)
I like things on werewolves too lol :)

Yes, im still in school ... please don't laugh *pauses to think for a second* or stalk me -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- lol ...... I am actually considered to have some writing talent, although I have yet to truely test it :p I get A's in English all the time, and my teacher compliments me on my work a lot :D several times I have written the best essay in my accelerated class.

I'm still in school, too. So no worries.

Yeah, I've been told good things and bad things about my own writing.

Hey, don't be embaressed, you can write, therefore, you're mightier then a dude with a sword...Just don't take that litterally! :D

As for the werewolves, you should read some of the "Stinda series", it's about Vampires, Witches, Guardians, and Hunters. Cyrik, an important character of Corruption is a lycanthrope (wolf version), and so is his little "brother", Brant.
I'm in school too. 15 years old. Lol, quick story, Alexander referred to "the pen is mightier than the sword", well I grabbed a shovel once and brandished it towards my friend. He simply pulled a pencil out of his pocket and said "the pencil is mightier than the shovel". We both collapsed laughing. Yeah, I write a bit of poetry too, but its not as good as Alexanders.

Personally, I don't think mine is all that great. But that's more of a thing to help me do better. The more I hate what I once did and refuse to believe it's good, the harder I strive to do better.

Anyway, the poetry comes from past experiences, and as you can tell from the titles, it's mostly depressing. So I'm not sure if I'm proud or regretful of my poetry talent. Odd feeling

Well, who cares if yours is as good as mine? (Even thought mine sucks!) Post some anyway! :D
Shadowy Fear said:
Imagine this: you are a member highly advanced civilization, who have dominated the stars for hundreds of thousands of years. You have very advanced ships at your disposal, although you have yet to expand out of a star cluster, where the radiation is so intense around the edges that even you cant get out - yet. You are almost at the point where you can manage the radiation levels, when your home star goes into a pre - supernova phase. Uh - oh. All ships and aliens are recalled inward in a desperate attempt to stop the star from going supernova. Using your advanced alien technology, your comrades have almost succeded in stopping the supernova, when misguided alien insurgents hijack the very ships that were trying to stop the supernova and launch them straight into the doomed star. Bad mistake. The entire star, so unstable already, explodes outward with unbelievable force, instantly reducing your home planet and friends and family to sub - atomic particles. All ships were recalled inward, and hence all ships were destroyed --- that is all ships except for yours, which was returning from an expedition to the edge of the star cluster. You see the star flare into supernova, obliberating everything you once knew and loved, but are powerless to stop it. Suppressing your alien emotions of despair, you try and figure out how to survive. The energy from the supernova is rushing towards you at blinding speed; you have less than one minute to make a descision. The gravitic power of the supernova blasts through your ship before the energy does; your ships shields take most of the impact, but your ship gets tossed through the cosmic backdrop like a soccer ball; around 20 seconds later, you finally regain control of your ship. Shaken and very frantic, you suddenly see an opening for escape; a chance for life. The gravitic wave disrupted the orbits of several stars that made up the star clusters, and now there is a large opening between a trio of them that is spaced apart from the stars just enough that you might be able to survive the radiation the stars are emitting; you have no time to make another descision, as the supernova's deadly hand is about to crunch your aliens windpipe, and with that, the last records of your civilization. You speed through the opening, but as you enter the very center area of the gap, you begin to feel dizzy; radiation is bombarding you, and the ships controls are blinking like a neon light in a power surge. You are almost through, almost there, when the supernova catches up with your ship, accelerates it at near light speed across the heavans, slams you into unconciousness, and gives you the ultimate galactic rollercoaster. At last, after some time, you regain conciousness, but realize that you are doomed; the life support systems are sporadically turning on and off, and the ships sensors inform you that the radiation has entered your battered body in sufficient quanities to ensure that you won't survive for a very long period of time. Your vision becomes fuzzier as you try and make sense of your situation. Suddenly, a spark courses through your body as you realize that you are staring at a world! Calling upon your vast willpower, you are able to scan the planet enough to realize that it can support life. An idea flashes through your head --- although you are doomed, you can still leave a record of your civilization, and create another one on top of that. Using the last of your energy, you take a cell sample from yourself, place it in a specilized pod, and launch it into the primordial atmosphere of Earth. As you begin transferring the records of your civilization into a special containment long lasting protection pod, an ill - fated asteroid comes hurtling up from beneath the lower rim of the planet, unnoticed to you. Your last memory is of fire, and ruin, and death ... your job was half completed, and you have created a new saga of life, and ... and ... there is only the black oblivion ...


This was posted in the Evolution Discussion, but it can also fit in here...It's...Sort of a story. Anyway, here it is, from Shadowy Fear.
Thanks alexander (for quoting the whole dam thing lol). Yes it mostly ties in with the whole 'where did we come from' thing, just something I wrote when I was bored last night lol.
It wasn't hard. I just copy/pasted it and wrapped it in Qoute tags. Nothing special.

Besides, I thought it was...erm...Interesting :p


And btw, I've yet to see any of your poetry, buddy! :p So?! WHERE IS IT?!
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