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I still cant get the stupid quotes write :/

Are we the only ones on right now?

Poetry? Ahhhhhhhh ... :rolleyes: gee whatever do you mean by poetry?

Yes, that story was 'erm, interesting' (I understand :( ) I was feeling bored so I wrote a story that explained our origins (muffin or otherwise). Nothing really special, I wrote it pretty fast, and I know its terrible but I was just feeling so bored with nothing to do lol :p
Noo, I didn't mean it was bad, I meant it was ODD! :D But odd's good too...

And I know you write poetry...You're just a bundle of words deep down inside, aren't you?

The qoute tags are as follows, without spaces:
Beginning qoute tag: [ QOUTE ] if you want it to say "originally posted, it's this: [ QOUTE=PERSON'S NAME ]
Then you end the qoute box with this tag: [ /QOUTE ]

Simple HTML stuff...Though HTML uses <>'s instead of []'s BUT THAT'S OK! :D

Anyway, post a damn poem, you! :p I did, I think I posted like 5! (And they are NOT good)

As for who's on, out of you, me, marks, broken, and con, yeah, looks like just us :(

Oh well, we'll survive...
Oops...Well, hey, maybe that's YOUR problem! :p And you only notice it when someone else screws up! So...SHADDAP! And don't think you can change the topic that easily:

-.- Wise ass.
Your still a wise ass.
A Quandry
Who in the world to believe?
When there are those who wish to deceive
Throught a mist of dark and lies
You may become desensitized
Dark is tempting, cruel and strong
But even light can still be wrong
Every time you try to find
And easy way out, the maze will bind
You deeper into its soothing trance
But never yield your fighting stance
Who sall you trust in the end?
A bitter taste; betrayal of a friend

Just a little something I cooked up late last night. Really captures the feeling of confusion. I didn't edit it like i usually do, to preserve the feeling in its raw form.
Not bad, but, heh:

Every time you try to find
And easy way out, the maze will bind

I can definitely tell that has not been edited. Because it clearly has a sentence mistake there. Sounds like you attempted to rhyme one sentence with itself and ended up making a mess.
The sentence continues yes, but its sort of fragmented like a run-on. Coincidentally that's my favorite part of the poem.
Heh, I think I know what this one was talking about, too ;) But I won't say my opinion.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I think it's good. It's perfect, as far as describing confusion. Hell, if you read it wrong, the poem itself will confuse you, meaning...Something *shrugs* lol :p
The Void

The Void lurked in the dark, silent, waiting
For many long months it had been so
My thoughts and dreams devoured, only sating
An appetite which had begun to grow
I risked a glance at the beast, to my despair
My mind had fed it well and now it knew
The story of my life, when what and where
It saw my dreams and what I hoped to do
I pulled back to the darkness of my mind
Where all my darkest secrets I do store
But when I arrived, what horror did i find
The void was waiting, larger than before
Darkness surrounds, I float through time and space
The void said nothing, but smiled without a face

An interesting poem to say the least...
Very good yes marksman I like it :)

Btw I got your PM but my dam internet chose that moment to crash and all my typing was lost :( so ill get back to you as soon as I can, althoguh probably not tonight as I dont trust the PM thing. So PM me any ideas you have for hero themes, and ill loop it all together when I reply to you :D
My Brothers

The Special Members know what this one is about. Mods and Admins, too.

My Brothers
Dedicated to Jon and Jason Corren, my brothers...

Just when things were looking up
Everything came tumbling back down
It all started to level off...
But now it’s below the ground

I put my fragile hopes high
And by fate, they were cracked...
I tried my best to remain steel
But, this steel finally snapped...

I thought the world had become safe
But these thoughts were false
I try not to cry out at the pain
As it dashes my wounds with salt

I fell down
This time no one picked me up
I tried to stand
Only to realize I was stuck

I looked up at the sky
But it was just a shroud
I can’t see the stars now
They’re veiled by black clouds...

I’ve tried pills...
Swallowed what felt like stone
I’ve taken razors
And cut myself to the bone...

Vain attempts to ease
This sickening pain
But it never washes away
As easy as the blood in the rain...

Then I hear a voice cry out
For me to look up and see
And I realize that the sun
Has decided now to shine down on me

I see familiar faces
Brothers I once lost
Pleading with me to get up
No matter the cost

For them, I look inside
Deeper then ever before
And despite the burning pain
I arise from off the floor...

I climb the walls
I escape the hole
And collapse on the ground
As exhaustion takes its toll

As I pass out
I hear one last thing
I listen to my brothers praise me
I can still hear them sing

I put this on paper
So I could show you
That no matter how bad it hurts
Pain can’t tell you what to do

So when fate strikes you
I’m asking you to strike back
Don’t show your weakness
Prove your strength to be fact

Rise up for your fathers
Stand tall for your mothers
Because that’s what I did
I got back up for my brothers​
Darg said:
It's just like love-making.... just want to get straight to the point....

..while women value the journey over anything else.......

I would like to point out that there is a significant difference between love and sex desire: Love is intense, sexually oriented friendship, while sex desire is a morbid, genital obsession.

As you might now, I actually detest discussing this disgusting subject.
Malice- said:
You think sex and wanting it is disgusting??

It's not the disgusting process itself which troubles me.

Perhaps you do not know what "morbid" means?

adj 1: suggesting an unhealthy mental state; "morbid interest in death"; "morbid curiosity" 2: suggesting the horror of death and decay; "morbid details" [syn: ghoulish] 3: caused by or altered by or manifesting disease or pathology; "diseased tonsils"; "a morbid growth"; "pathologic tissue"; "pathological bodily processes" [syn: diseased, pathologic, pathological]
Mind said:
It's not the disgusting process itself which troubles me.

Perhaps you do not know what "morbid" means?

But to have the desire to have sex with your loved one (spouse, girlfriend) should be ok?
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