Gaming Sex content leads to adult rating for Grand Theft Auto

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After percolating for weeks, the "so-called" Hot Coffee controversy has finally boiled over.

Following an investigation by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ESRB, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" will now bear an AO, or Adults Only, rating, Take-Two Interactive announced on Wednesday. Previously, the game was rated M for Mature.

The re-rating comes nearly after a month after reports first surfaced of the "Hot Coffee" modification for the PC version of San Andreas. After installation, the widely available mod allowed users to play a bonus sex minigame.

After videos of the mod were widely circulated, figures including Democratic U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton blasted the game (Clinton also publicly equated violent games with cigarettes and alcohol as a hazard to America's youth). Political heat led to a ESRB investigation into whether or not the mod was included in the original game or was made by a third party.


Video game sex scandal stirs US standards debate

An unprecedented move by major stores to stop selling the blockbuster video game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" over a hidden sex scene will cost its maker millions of dollars in lost sales and ignited a political firestorm by U.S. critics who want a government crackdown.
But the young industry, already rivaling Hollywood box office in sales, is certain it can and should police itself.

The industry's ratings group slapped an "Adult Only" rating on the game on Wednesday, effectively banning its sale in most mainstream stores, after finding the game's publisher had hidden a "mini-game," unlocked by downloadable software, which allowed players to have virtual sex.

The game had already been a lightning rod for controversy, since it rewards players for committing crimes and what critics see as acts of gratuitous violence.

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