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Shango Wars

Map Genre: Conquest Hero Arena
Map Version: Beta v0.87
Map Forums:

Shango Wars is a map that I've been developing since 2010. Back then, it had a different name and a lot of things were different. Since then, the map has undergone over a dozen gameplay rehauls. It's now at the point where it is actually fun to play.

Shango Wars is a team-based game based on the Conquest idea: controlling Towers in order to gain points toward winning. Creeps can be hunted for gold and there is a boss that serves as a central location of conflict due to the bonuses he grants when killed.

Shango Wars has been completely designed from the ground up around team-based play, although individual skill is important too. The game will be the most fun and balanced with a full house (6-8 players), but even 2v2s and 5v5s can be fun.

  1. Hero picking at game start
  2. Spawning at base
  3. Capturing a tower
What I Need
I'm looking primarily for BETA TESTERS. Anyone who wants to playtest the map to generate new gameplay ideas and to squash bugs, I need you! If you'd rather just play the map instead of actually testing it, I need you, too!

I have a couple of friends that already help me test, so we'll be able to get a few full house games going if I can find enough willing players. We use both iCCup and Garena, so whichever works for you, we can accommodate.

If you're interested, you can:
  • PM me here on The Helper,
  • Leave a reply in this thread,
  • Visit the Shango Wars forum and post there.
Last Words
If you want a more detailed introduction and overview of the map, please click here.

If you're interested in helping with development or following the map's progress, feel free to visit the Shango Wars forum.

If you just want to offer your feedback in this thread, that's fine too! I am anxious to hear what you have to say.
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