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    - Review & Walkthrough -


    Play SHIFT 1 -
    Play SHIFT 2 -

    Information and Review:

    What is Shift?
    Shift is a very fun and addicting Flash game developed by "Tony" from Armor Games. The basic goal of shift is to run jump and "SHIFT" your way through obstacles to reach the door to the next level.

    What makes SHIFT pretty unique is the "SHIFT" ability. There are two colors in this game. Black and White. One color is the background and one color is the playable area. However, when a player presses the [Shift] Key on his/her keyboard, the figure in the game inverts and now stands on the opposite color. You must keep "shifting" through the level to reach the end.

    Why Play Shift?
    I personally find SHIFT 1 & 2 to be one of the most flash games I've played. It is very unique and challenging. It requires strategy, speed, and some "temper control" :p. I suggest you play these games and try to earn all 7 Medals in SHIFT 2.

    SHIFT 1 was a pretty basic version of it's sequel. SHIFT 2 is much more challenging and incorporates new challenges such as the checkered tiles, rotation arrows and other annoying and horrible bundles of joy.

    Anyway, the game will explain itself in no time at all.
    If you haven't played SHIFT before I, for one, suggest you to play both, and two suggest you to play the first SHIFT game before you move onto the second. It helps. (The link to both games is near the top of the thread.

    Walkthrough and Secrets:

    Here is my walkthrough for SHIFT 2. This includes all of the levels and how to obtain the 7 SHIFT Medals. This has been broken down and hidden in Spoiler tags for those who wish to complete the game on their own.

    Level 1
    Simply run to the other side and through the door.
    Level 2
    Run forward until the floor disappears from under you. When the wall of spikes begins to advance, run to the end of the pit and they should stop when they are near you. Wait until the room shakes and rubble falls, the exit should appear. Run through it.
    Level 3
    Simply run a little ways, Shift, and jump over the spikes, and shift again. Run to the exit.
    Level 4
    Grab the first key in front of you. Jump to the top of the "staircase" of Key Walls. then jump onto the other black platform and grab the key at the end of the room. Grab the once again visible key in front of you and jump down to the exit.
    Level 5
    Jump onto the floating black platform in the center of the room. Then jump across to the other black area that encases the key. Use the shift ability and grab the key. Now shift back and jump onto the floating black platform again. And then jump through the gap between the starting platform and the one you should be standing on and Shift. Jump down to the white box that holds the key and shift once more. Shift out of the box and then shift once more to a safe path to the door. The extra key reveals that there is a timer.
    Level 6
    Shift once the level begins, then jump across the pit. Shift again to touch the rotation arrow, then shift back. Jump over the next pit and then shift again to reach the end.
    Level 7
    Go between the two checkered areas and shift into the black area. then proceed to the other side of the room, under the light bulb. Then grab the light bulb to remove the first checkered area. Then jump onto the white platform and shift once more to grab the second light. Then shift back and walk to the wonderful little door once again.
    Level 8
    Walk into the corner of the starting white area and then Shift. Jump down onto the light bulb near the checkered area. Shift to get the light. Jump through the newly made gap to the leftmost rotation arrow and then drop down to the next rotation arrow - on the way down from the second arrow, move away so you don't land on the first arrow. Now jump through the gap that you made before to get the second light bulb. Go back through the gap and onto the first rotation arrow again but this time move away from the second arrow while you are falling. Now go to the light bulb in the corner so you can reach the exit.
    Level 9
    This is the evil level. There is even a medal for completing it in a certain amount of time. First, shift out of the starting box. Then keep going as far to the left in each cross as you can then shift to the next cross and repeat this until you get to the large black corner area where you can drop down and get a rotation arrow. Get that. Then drop as far as you can in the black part. Then shift and go as far as you can in each cross to the left until you reach the arrow in the white cross. Then shift out of the white cross and repeat the pattern until you reach the end.
    Level 10
    Walk to the corner of the starting white area and then shift. Drop down into the black area, walk to the left and jump into the lifted groove so you can shift into the white area now. Now is where this may get difficult to explain verbally. Try and jump/run onto the far black platform that contains a rotation arrow and is next to a key. Once on that, shift and grab the arrow. Then shift to grab the key. Then run to the rotation arrow to your right. Now carefully jump to the arrow near the center of the room, if you hit the arrow you will not be killed by the spikes below. After you drop down from the arrow, shift back into the black groove from earlier. Now walk down the path and jump onto the staircase looking white block that contains the light bulb. Shift into it and get the light. After you get it, shift out and drop down into the black area that has a rotation arrow in it. Do NOT touch it. Shift out of the black area next to the arrow then walk in between the two rotation arrows and jump to get the top one. After the fall, walk to the right to get the next rotation arrow. Shift, drop down the black area without touching the spikes. Then shift again and drop down the white area without touching the spikes once more and you should be at the door.
    Level 11
    Climb the black area to your left and jump on the black box that contains the light bulb. Shift to get it and of course shift out. Now go to the corner of the white area and shift. Now drop down, then shift again, then drop down again and grab the light bulb to your left. Go to your right and grab the Key. Don't touch anything after that and you should be able to just run right to the rightmost rotation arrow. While you fall, move to your right to land on the platform near the light bulb. Shift and drop down to get the light. Shift once more and run to the door. (What do you know... I'm a poet)
    Level 12
    Get ready for some reflexes in this atrocity of a level. Alright, first off, jump over each checkered box into the gaps until you get to the light bulb. Then run back to the left. Then touch the arrow, shift, then jump to the next arrow. Now run and grab the key (don't jump into the spikes). Then run back to the right before the arrow and shift. Jump and grab the arrow and let gravity take it's course. Shift again.
    Now... This part you have to jump down and move to the right and left to dodge the groups of spikes as you fall until you land on the rotation arrow.
    Now I am going to label the rotation arrows in front of you from left to right. The first arrow (above you) is arrow 1, the second is 2 and so forth. The 1st step here is to jump into arrow 1, dodge arrow 3, and touch arrow 4 in one fall. You can touch arrow 5 and 6 now. Jump over arrow 7 and land on 8. You should be good. Now shift into the black area and grab the arrow that drops you on the wonderful door that leads to yet another room full o' death.
    Level 13
    Now do you see the 3 obtainable keys in front of you? Grab the bottom one, jump on the platform, grab the second, and jump on that platform, now leap across onto the far black platform to the right. Shift into it and jump to grab the key. Shift out and jump on the new key platforms and grab the light ahead of you. Now shift into the black part below you and grab all 3 keys. Shift out and drop all the way down so you can shift into the other half (black area). Now do the same thing, jump on the key platforms to get the key on the 3rd one. Now go back and touch the rotation arrow in the corner. Drop down and get the door.
    Level 14
    At the start of this level there is a light above you that makes the checkered floor below you vanish. So you have to be fast here. Jump and grab the light and fall to the RIGHT - above the arrow (If you fall to the left you will be forced to kill yourself). Shift to grab the arrow then shift again. Move to your left and drop on the key. Now walk into the rotation arrow to your left and when you fall you have to land on the black platform to your right, but watch out for spikes. Now shift and jump on top of the door, shift, and since the door is upside down, you need to be too. So grab the rotation arrow and then go through the door.
    Level 15
    This is the last level... kinda. So get ready. At the start, shift out of the box and jump into the light bulb. Land on the staircase like part below the spikes and shift once again into the white area. Now you have to jump and land between all the spikes on top of the black part. Now shift and fall on the rotation arrow - you will now be in a fall in line with spikes. You must dodge those but do this late enough to also dodge the spikes in the bottom of the fall (This gets a lot of people). Now grab your arrow and drop down into the black area. Shift out and grab the next arrow. Climb the checkered area and grab the light bulb to fall onto another arrow. Now grab the next light with caution. Theres a trick here. You need to grab the light, wait for about 1/3 second and then walk right. if you just walk to the right you will barely hit the spikes near the top. Now walk next to the door, and jump into the rotation arrow. Now drop down, dodge the spikes, then fall onto the other arrow. Walk into the light bulb and jump on top of the black box with your next arrow in it. Shift and fall to the exit. Congratulations. There are two ending levels now.
    Regular Ending Level
    Walk across the room into the door. Now grab all the light bulbs and fall down to the bottom floor. Hope your not afraid of snakes. Congratulations... maybe. You have somewhat beaten the game.
    Alternate Ending Level
    Instead of walking across to the door like normal, go to the leftmost edge and shift for a little surprise. A new path and a new door. Use your prior knowledge to navigate through the next mini levels to get your fabulous trophy and really beat the game. Congratulations for real this time. Also, you get a medal for reaching that trophy.

    Walkthrough - Medals:
    Beat the game and want more? Well heres the way to get some more challenge out of this great game. Collect 4 Medals to unlock a trailer for an upcoming flash game and 7 to play as the classic SHIFT character.

    "Beat the Game"
    Simply reach the last room in either ending.
    "Joke's on Me"
    Complete the crosses level (Level 9) in about 70 seconds. (Before the timer runs out in the text).
    "Title Trasher"
    Click the Angry Face in the upper right corner of the Title Page to begin. Click the settings button to have a web cam window appear. This is not a real menu. Click yes. Now, try and press any button to find that they do not work. It will now tell you try and click the moving settings button at the top. You can't... just keep trying to click it until it gives in. Then click the settings button 40 times. Now try and click the buttons again. They still do not work. Listen the to the text and keep clicking any button until it says you deserve a medal. Now click the Angry Face in the same spot as it was before to end everything and get the medal.
    "Speed Runner"
    Complete the game in about 5 minutes. It is possible. I did it. There is no glitch or secret, just try to do it very very fast and you can get it.
    Click the [Credits] button on the Title Screen.
    "Support the Developers"
    Click the [More Games] button on the Title Screen.
    "Teh Trophy!"
    Get the trophy by completing the Alternate Ending Level (walkthrough above).


    I have completed the game 100% through on my own. I typed this up just for this site and it is not from any other walkthrough you may find.

    Thats all of it. Post what you think about it or any of your achievements. If you need more than that for some bizarre reason, post your question or PM me. I hope you all enjoy this game. Please +rep if this walkthrough helped you or you find that you really enjoyed this game by finding it here. Thanks and good luck SHIFTing!

    There is one last thing to say and confuse you all with. (You will understand by achieving all medals and looking through the Secrets area)
    "The CC is a Lie!"

    Hehe... have fun with this guys.
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    Nice guide, you helped me learn that the cc is a lie. :p

    Speed runner was pretty hard though.
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    Played the first one a while ago, great game!
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    * b u m p *

    In case theres more people who would like to see a walkthrough
    or have never played Shift 2.​
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    Played the first, kept crashing on my comp.

    But yes, I love this game. I might try out Shift 2. I saw it on Armorgames about 2-3 weeks ago. (I think)
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    I dont understand how to get to the alternate ending, i dont know which room to do it in...
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    Great game. thought I heard of a similar idea around here once.
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    shift 3 is out!

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