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I don't know if I am posting this in the correct forum but I am just asking a simple question:
I have recently done some icon recolours (below) and was wondering if I should continue making icons. A quick yes/no answer would do, but it would be great if you could give some feedback :p
BTNSteelMelee.jpgSome Holy Sword thing.
BTNBrilliance.jpgSome Demonic Staff thing.
BTNSteelRanged.jpgA kunai thing.

Thank you! :)
PS: If you want the icon, I could give it to you.


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recolors are fun and useful but i dont think they are considered difficult

if someone is requesting a recolored icon, and they are unable or dont know how to make it for themselves, then by all means go ahead and help them out.

other than that, youll have to start doing some more serious edits and even try making stuff from scratch.


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I see, I never really expected to post this up anywhere, just for the fun of making them.
Anyway, I have considered doing icons from scratch but I have to learn more about how to do that first. Thanks for replying :) +rep!


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I think its looks average up to good, but why dont you try to model or skin instead of making icons? I mean; if anyone needs an icon, he browses the existing ressources of various sites such as hiveworkshop or wc3c ... there are millions of icons already made.
However, the resources of good models and skins is very limited.


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I do make models (sometimes) but I disliked making skins because of how troublesome it is to make shading and all. I might try it again if I feel up to it.
Thanks for the support guys, I really appreciate it :)
Also, just so you know, I do triggers, models, icons (simple recolours and stuff) and practically everything else for Warcraft Modding. The problem is I don't excel at any of those (except maybe triggers) :S.


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I would recommend continuing it if you enjoy it (which it seems like you do) and just trying out new methods and styles for making freehand art on the computer.

I would recommend learning more about computer drawing if you want to get more into original work and making your own icons and skins.

If you want some direction on tutorials and such I can help you out there. Just PM me or post here.


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I like the recolors. I had to think hard one what the first two were originally, and i'm not sure I know exactly what the second is. The third one looks like a new icon to me. But I haven't touched wc3 in ages. Your not doing anything wrong and recolors are good practice using a photoediting program.


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recolors are a good way to practice..Nice recolor of the Broadsword and Brilliance aura icons but maybe improve on the black arrow one.


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The third one is like a Kunai from Naruto.
I might consider doing other icons when I have the time, thanks for the support :)
For a recolor, they look decent. Practice a little bit more.. Hmm.. try recoloring more complex icons like entangling roots. Or maybe try this: splicing the parts of various icons into one. Like, I put the Orb of Fire on top of the staff in Brilliance Aura to form some kind of a fire staff, or putting Entangling Roots on a Helmet so it would look like the Helmet is being covered by roots. I've seen this technique used in The Hive Workshop, and it works like a charm. Practice, then when you've got the hang of it, you can start making icons from scratch. For now, keep it up!

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