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-Thats correct (I think its ice shard in melee games)
-Why does everyone call it banish.. its cripple, and yes it was based off that
-I dont know what icon your saying the 3rd is based off but it wasnt based off any icon from blizzard.
-Thx, and by swap im assuming you mean the 2nd one, although i dont know why you would call it swap =S
Did I say swap? I ment swamp :D (Dam I suck)
But isent the 3rd one based of an other icon?
Its coincidence then.
I remember what ability the icon it looks like is from, it looks like the phase-rift icon. Anyway, if you thought it up without looking at that icon, GJ!!!


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woaw great, ima use the blue skull for Hollow Warrior in my map:) ull get credit,

could you make a gorilla icon?
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