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So, I was thinking of buying a book for a person. But I don't read much myself, I really enjoy reading, but.. I don't know. Don't have time/lazy.

Since we have a Writer's Corner here in this forum I'm sure there are alot of people here that could recommend me some books.

I know that this person likes the Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl and Piratika series. But since I don't read much, I don't know any similar books. The book shouldn't be too similar, like it would be a copy, just a book that follows the genre.

I was actually thinking of His Dark Materials trilogy.

Edit: No, don't recommend Twillight.


So you would say this person is a big fan of Magic/Fantasy genre? From the looks of it, I would suggest going for a classic that many argue the magic books today stole from. The Earthsea Series. Its somewhat older (well not the newest books in the series) but the first comes from the 60s (1968) which is A Wizard of Earthsea

I personally like A Wizard of Earthsea the best in the series just because the consequence of breaking the rules of magic and shadow or "dead" beings interest me. It starts off a little bit slow but picks up a lot.

So that's what I could think of that isn't too mainstream but still follows the theme you are asking for.


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Pendragon series.
Awesome books. I need to catch up on those.

Ranger's Apprentice series.
Also awesome books. Also need to catch up on those.



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Eclipse is soooo much better.


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if your friend likes the artemis fowl series, ask him to check out the other books by Eoin. The Supernaturalists for one.


It's not the wintercold that's killing me
Thanks for all your suggestion, I bought Ranger's Apprentice, since I found other people suggesting it.


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The best fictional book ever:

Mr. Norrel & Jonthan Strange
It is the story about two mages in the ages of 1800-1900, that are the only 2 persons on earth with magical powers. But, their are not overpowered, just a little. The book is about they trying to rescue the soul of a lady who was revived by a magical creature that tortures her every night (psicologycal torture, she makes her stay all night wake up because she is he guest in a big magical party)
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