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I just found Warcraft 3's Sin and Cos function are weird.

Correct :

Tested Sin/Cos, both resulted same look.
Literate through 0->1440 for x and 300*scale for y-axis.
Any idea? :nuts:


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Speaking of Radians, could someone please explain them to me?


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Radians are just another unit of measurement for angle.

Degrees break a full rotation up into 360 divisions, whereas 2(pi) radians complete a rotation. This is handy because circular measurements naturally depend on pi. For example, the length along the edge of a circular sector is simply radius*angle (in radians).


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Perhaps I post the script for you all to test it. :p
library GraphViewer

    function interface GetY takes real x returns real
        private constant string Model = "Abilities\\Weapons\\RedDragonBreath\\RedDragonMissile.mdl"
        private constant string AxisModel = "Abilities\\Weapons\\GreenDragonMissile\\GreenDragonMissile.mdl"
        private GetY equation
        private timer t = CreateTimer()
        private real xD = 0.
        private real x = 0.
        private real s
    private function GenerateGraph takes nothing returns nothing
        if xD > 0. then
            set xD = xD - .07
            set x = x + .07
            call AddSpecialEffect(Model,x * s,equation.evaluate(x) * s)
            call PauseTimer(t)
    function ShowGraph takes GetY y, real times, real scale returns nothing
        set equation = y
        set xD = times * 2
        set s = scale
        set x = -times
        call TimerStart(t,0.0,true,function GenerateGraph)
    private struct Initializer extends array
        private static method onInit takes nothing returns nothing
            set xD = -2000.
            exitwhen xD >= 2000.
                call AddSpecialEffect(AxisModel,xD,0.)
                call AddSpecialEffect(AxisModel,0.,xD)
                set xD = xD + 100.

library MapInit initializer Init requires GraphViewer
    private function Equation takes real x returns real
        return 3 - x - (4 * x * x) //Equation of line
    //don't touch any thing below here.
    private function Init takes nothing returns nothing
        call FogEnable(false )
        call FogMaskEnable(false)
        call SetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_ZOFFSET,3000.,0.)
        call SetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_ANGLE_OF_ATTACK,270.,0.)
        call PanCameraTo(0.,0.)
        call ShowGraph(Equation,6.284,300.)


I'm still looking for my Tangent

I put in the symbol for pi in my post, but the forum thingy made it into a question mark, wtf!

Lemme' try again..



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Well, what're ya gonna do. :p

The worst part is that it (pi ? ?) displays correctly when hitting "Preview Post" but not in the post itself.


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180 degree = 1 rad
1 degree = ~0.175rad or (pi / 180)
Let me bring it back!

180 degrees = pi radians, not 1 radian. 1 radian is defined as the angle formed from a sector of a circle where the radius of the circle = the arc length.


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My favorite is when I see noobs using the inlined versions of AngleBetweenPoints and PolarProjectionBJ, because you've got bj_RADTODEG to get the angle, and then a bj_DEGTORAD to utilize the angle :p
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