Environment Single-use plastic ban enters into effect in France

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    Disposable plastic plates, cups, straws and other products were banned in France as of Wednesday as part of legislative measures coming into effect with the New Year. The ban applies to some of the most common polluting products but does not concern plastic packing material.

    The ban aims to put an end to some of the most recognisable single-use products for anyone familiar with summer picnics – not to mention the littered parks, trails and beaches that can result.

    Plastic plates, cups, cutlery, drinking straws all fall under the ban, as do cotton buds used for cleaning and hygiene.

    “The most important thing is that the ban concerns emblematic products,” says Flore Berlingen, director of the campaign group Zero Waste France.

    “It’s not just symbolic, because these are also objects we’re used to seeing littered all around: they’re light, they’re easy to carry pretty much anywhere, and we often see them in nature.”

    Consumers may continue to see such products for a six-month period that has been allowed for stocks of previously manufactured products to deplete.

    Read more here. (rfi, Radio France Internationale)

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