Skin Problem

I seem to have some problems with This Skin.

I imported the skin with the Import Manager then i entered the path that can be seen at page two of the linked page:


After that i created a couple of Stormweaver Warlocks and tried the map.
I also erased the Melee Initialization from the Trigger Editor to make testing easier.
Their skins was still the same.

Please help me. I don't have any experience with skins and i have no idea of what to do.


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That path works fine for me. Have you double-checked that you entered the correct model path for the unit in the object editor (and that that unit is the one that you placed)? The model should show up in the drop-down menu under "Units>Stormweaver Apprentice". If you have trouble finding it, you can try copy-pasting the path for the unit's model file.


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Did you import correctly, and change the map in the Import Manager?


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You made sure that its the right .file and selected right custom path. make sure custom path is checked off not that you just changed the file as well.
Problem Solved!

The skin is for the Stormweaver Warlock and i used the actual Stormweaver Warlock from the neutral hostile units. So yes, it was the right unit model.

It seems i did import the skin correctly, but i don't understand what you mean with: "and change the map in the Import Manager?"

It was the right path and it was the right file. But i think it didn't work because the custom path was checked in. Not sure though.

Thank you guys. + rep to you all.
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