Modelpack Skins and Models - Lighting and Modern Objects


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How bout instead of using dummy models to select the lights, you simply use click helper or w/e it is.


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Now you didn't hear it from me, but I heard a rumor a while back that said WindexIsBack got banned for making a joke post about an analogy between a topic poster and what someone wrote.
To be fair, he was rather rude but the joke was clear (1 mod repped him for it I hear) and no one in the thread - even the topic poster - was mortally injured in any way.

However, apparently this was a perfect signal that he had not changed his ways - even though he had submitted 2 tutorials + multiple model packs. That even excludes he stopped doing the thing he got banned for last time.
That also excludes he was unbanned by a moderator here twice (and repped multiple times when he rejoined by moderators welcoming him back). Yet it was clearly apparent he was still the immature kid flaming mapping topics, yet (once again) he had not done so in many, many months.

As a parting gift, he asked the moderators to delete this topics which of course wasn't accepted. So he removed the link from his clan page.

Short story : Over zealous mods ban user who was banned many times in past, throws a fit and removes shitty work from site.


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Ohh man, I have this pack before! Now I lost it and now the link is dead :mad:


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Might as well Graveyard this unless the author decides to make it available again.


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Thank you :)

EDIT: How to import? cant I just export the files from your map, and import them into my map, or do i need to unpack a file into wc3 folder (which only makes it playable on my computer?)


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o.o, somehow i can see the red triangle thing, when i use the white lighting.

why didn't it appear transparant in game?? o.o (try to look more carefully, i can see it on the in-game screenshot too.)

EDIT : Nvm, it seems like i can simply change the texture x)
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