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In a league of favourite foods, bacon and chocolate would both be near the top.

Usually, it has to be said, eaten separately.

Now, however, confectioners have combined the two in the world's first bacon chocolate bar. And it is proving a major success with British customers.

The unlikely hit Christmas gift is Mo's Bacon Bar, which contains chunks of applewood smoked bacon combined with smoked salt and milk chocolate.

More about it here.
What's next?
Chocolate covered deep fried bacon bars?
Forget deep fried bacon

Buy Deep fried chocolate bacon bars if you want to die early due to massive heart failure :thup:
It just might be worth the try. Give me some!!
atleast it is dark chocolate. That is supposed to be good for the colosterol, or atleast so I've heard. And bacon is not.
It brings a little jing-jang feeling to it:p
You can already buy Deep Fried Mars Bars. They don't taste that bad but they leave a sheen of grease in your mouth that stays there for at least half an hour.

Chocalate and bacon though? I hear that the result is too salty for most tastes.
True. But we're talking about deep frying a chocolate bar that has bacon in it which is different than deep fried mars bars ;)
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