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Humour thread has joke of the day, Game thread has a semi thread called Game of the day, so why not song of the day?

From now on, Jimpy or I will post a song every day or two, The songs will try and vary in genre, but please if you feel a genre isnt getting any love, pm me or post in the forum.

If you have found a cool song and would like to add it to this thread, please run it by me in a pm first! I run on GMT +12 (New Zealand) so if your living in America you might not get the reply to the next day! :thup:

If I'm not abiding by any rules please tell me, I'm pretty sure im legit with this thread!

If you have any disagreements with the layout of what I'm doing, I'm of course keen to know about it!

Song's of the Day List -These can all be found on youtube

1. - Hometown Glory, Adele/High Contrast

2. - Blue Monday, Kurd Maverick (Vandalism Remix)

3. - Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap

4. - Why Does Love Do This To Me, The Exponents

5. - City on Fire, State of Mind/PNC

6. - Hold your Colour, Pendulum

7. - Spaceface, DJ Fresh

8. - Blurry, Puddle of Mudd

9. - I'm Yours, Jason Mraz

10. - I'm not Alone, Calvin Harris

11. - Flight of the Bumblebee, Rimski Korsakoff

12. - Mafia Style, Deem001

13. - Awesome Electric Violin, Ed Alleyne-Johnson

14. - Streamline, Pendulum

15. - She's So Cold, The Rolling Stones

16. - Air Tap, Erik Mongrain

17. - Rock It, Sub Focus

18. - Keytar, Ronald Jenkees

19. - Time Is Running Out, Muse

20. - These Walls, Dream Theatre

21. - The Scientist, Coldplay

22. - Hometown Glory, Adele

23. - Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

24. - Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd

25. - Passion, Utada Hikaru

26. - Fade To Black, Metallica

27. - Ready For The Weekend (High Contrast Remix), Calvin Harris

28. - Magic Carpet Ride, Steppenwolf

29. - 1924, Charlie Parr

30. - Lose Yourself, Eminem

31. - Killing In The Name Of, Rage Against The Machine

32. - Pirates Of The Carribean Medley, (Performed by) Kyle Landry

33. - Killing In The Name Of (Elec Violin Version), (Performed by) Fourplay

34. - A Thousand Miles, Vanessa Carlton

35. - Rock With You, Michael Jackson

36. - Losing A Whole Year, Third Eye Blind

37. - Diamonds and Coal, Incubus

38. - Take Five, The Dave Brubeck Quartet

39. - The Perfect Drug, Nine Inch Nails

40. - Hanging On, Blake Reary

41. - September, Future Prophecies

42. - Wandering Eye, Fat Freddy's Drop

43. - In The Rain, Shapeshifter (ft. Ladi6)

44. - Winter, Vivaldi

45. - Bitter Sweet Symphony, The Verve

46. - The Funeral, Band Of Horses

47. - Extreme Ways, Moby

48. - Be By Myself, Asher Roth (ft. Cee-Loo)

49. - Remember The Name, Fort Minor

50. - Zephyr Song, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

51. - Don't Know What To Do, Dane Rumble

52. - Bullet Proof, La Roux

53. - Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden

54. - Story Of A Girl, 3 Doors Down

55. - Dayvan Cowboy, Boards Of Canada

56. - Song Of The Wind, Santana

57. - Deciphering Me, Brooke Fraser

58. - Autumn Leaves, Nat King Cole

59. - One Love, David Guetta (ft. Estelle)

60. - I Want You To, Weezer

61. - High & Dry, Radiohead

62. - Aztec, Spor

63. - Blackbird, The Beatles

64. - Ransom, Pendulum

65. - All Along The Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix

66. - Pastoral, Baethoven

67. - Why Georgia, John Mayer

68. - No Happy Ending, Mika

69. - Could This Be Real, Subfocus

70. - Don't Stop Beliving, Glee (Original, Journey)

71. - Minimix, Nero

72. - Beauty School Dropout, Grease

73. - Naive, The Kooks

74. - Deliverance, Bubbasparxxx

75. - Algoza Smashup, Tagaram Bhil

76. - Teartear, Autechre

77. - Past is Prologue, Tycho

78. - Karma Police, Radiohead

79. - Windowpane, Opeth

80. - Take it Easy, Netsky

81. - Intellitag, µ-ziq

82. - Sophie, Goodshirt

83. - Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles

94. - Señorita, Justin Timberlake

95. - A Glorious Dawn, John Boswell ft Steven Hawking

96. - Sierra Leone, Mt Eden

97. - Float On, Modest Mouse

98. - Mess of Me, Switchfoot

Today's Song of the Day

Genre, Light Drum and Bass

Titled, Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast remix)




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I quite enjoyed that song. I recommend posting a song bi-daily, just a thought.


je'ne sais pas
I'll take that into account KC, that's a good idea, but I'm not alone going on one person's idea/preference I'll see what the community thinks ^^ or if I start struggling to find songs :p

Anyway heres another mainstreamy.

Genre: House/Rave

Title: Kurd Maverick - Blue Monday (Vandalism Remix)




je'ne sais pas
A bit late, but I was a bit depressed, no replies =( Come on guys give me some enthuasim to keep this up! :p

Genre: Soul

Title: Hide and Seek

Author: Imogen Heap


edit: going to change to bi-daily posts.. if I actually get some people replying :p


I like the dnb one, I really like Blue Monday, the soul song does not work in my country, atleast thats what youtube says.

So to keep you going, heres a thumbs up :thup:


je'ne sais pas
Hey guys, thanks for the support! And damn I hate that stupid youtube thing where you can't view specific videos if your in the wrong country.. really annoying

Please tell me if you can't view the song!

Anyway, onto the next day of the song, its basically our nation anthem down here in New Zealand ^^ Everyone always sings along at peak volume :p

Title Why does love do this to me

Author The Exponents

Style Pop/Rock



je'ne sais pas
Hey all again, Just a reminder if you can't view the video for some bizzare reason please post here and say!

Today's Song of the Day

Title City on Fire

Artist State of Mind (ft PNC)

Genre Drum 'n' Bass / Rap


PS: Queries about the format of my posts im happy to listen to as well :p (i.e direct youtube link or not)


je'ne sais pas
Woo, more D'N'B - I'm on a roll :p (=

Title - Spaceface

Author - Dj Fresh

Genre - Drum 'N' Bass (woahhh, who woulda thought!)



je'ne sais pas
Hey again guys!

Title: Blurry

Artist: Puddle of Mudd

Genre: Soul/Pop/Rock



je'ne sais pas
Hey again guys,

Title I'm Yours LIVE

Artist Jason Mraz

Genre Soul/Mainstream/Pop

Classic :p



je'ne sais pas
Thanks for your constant support KC ^^. Where is everyone though? The music forum seems so empty.. its depressing, it needs to be promoted more :p Music is Life.

Title I'm Not Alone

Artist Calvin Harris

Genre Dance / Pop

Has a killer break ^^



Thanks for your constant support KC ^^. Where is everyone though? The music forum seems so empty.. its depressing, it needs to be promoted more :p Music is Life.
I guess not a lot of people venture this deep into the realms of Mostly its the Tech Forum or General Discussion. Maybe you can link this thread in General Discussion.

Ontopic: Calvin Harris is quite cool, my favourite song by him is Acceptable in the 80s.
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