Sound does not play

scope deathpact initializer Init

    private constant integer SPELL = 'A00P'
    private constant string EFFECT = "Abilities\\Spells\\Other\\Doom\\DoomTarget.mdl" 
    private sound SLEEP
    private constant string GHOST = "Objects\\Spawnmodels\\Undead\\UndeadDissipate\\UndeadDissipate.mdl" 
    private constant string UDEATH = "Objects\\Spawnmodels\\Undead\\UDeathMedium\\UDeath.mdl"
    private boolexpr b

private struct data
    static data temp
    unit caster
    unit target
    timer t
    lightning p
    integer ticks
    implement AutoData
static method create takes nothing returns data
    local data d = data.allocate()
    set d.caster = GetTriggerUnit()
    set = GetSpellTargetUnit()
    set d.t = NewTimer()
    set d.ticks = 0
    call StunUnit(,3,false)
    call AddTimedEffectTarget(EFFECT,,"origin",9999)
    return d

method onDestroy takes nothing returns nothing
    call ReleaseTimer(.t)
    call DestroyLightning(.p)


private function Conditions takes nothing returns boolean
    return GetSpellAbilityId() == SPELL

private function CheckEnemies takes nothing returns boolean
    local data d = data.temp
    return IsUnitEnemy(GetFilterUnit(),GetOwningPlayer(d.caster)) and GetFilterUnit() != d.caster and GetWidgetLife(GetFilterUnit()) > 0.0451 

private function Loop takes nothing returns nothing
    local data d = GetTimerData(GetExpiredTimer())
    local real TLife = GetWidgetLife( * 0.10
    local real TMana =  GetUnitState(,UNIT_STATE_MANA) *0.10
    local real x = GetUnitX(
    local real y = GetUnitY(
    local unit u
    call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffect(GHOST,x,y))
    call SetWidgetLife(d.caster,GetWidgetLife(d.caster)+ TLife)
    call SetUnitState(d.caster,UNIT_STATE_MANA,GetUnitState(d.caster,UNIT_STATE_MANA) + TMana)
    call SetWidgetLife(,GetWidgetLife(
    call SetUnitState(,UNIT_STATE_MANA,GetUnitState(,UNIT_STATE_MANA) - TMana)
    set d.ticks = d.ticks + 1
    if d.ticks == 3 then
        call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffect(UDEATH,x,y))
        call SetUnitOwner(,GetOwningPlayer(d.caster),true)
        call UnitApplyTimedLife(,'BUan',10)
        call DelayedAttackSpeed(,100,10)
        set d.temp = d
        call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(ENUM_GROUP,x,y,400,b)
            set u = FirstOfGroup(ENUM_GROUP)
            exitwhen u == null
            call StunUnit(u,GetRandomReal(2,3),false)
            call GroupRemoveUnit(ENUM_GROUP,u)

private function Actions takes nothing returns nothing
    local unit u = GetTriggerUnit()
    local unit t = GetSpellTargetUnit()
    local data d
    local integer id = GetUnitId(u)
    if GetTriggerEventId() == EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_EFFECT then
        call StartSound(SLEEP)
        call KillSoundWhenDone(SLEEP)
        set d = data.create()
        set d.p = AddLightning("AFOD",true,GetUnitX(u),GetUnitY(u),GetUnitX(t),GetUnitY(t))
        set data<u> = d
        call SetTimerData(d.t,d)
        call TimerStart(d.t,1,true,function Loop)
        set u = null
        set t = null
    elseif GetTriggerEventId() == EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_ENDCAST then
        set d = data<u>
        call StopStun(
        call d.destroy()
        set u = null

private function Init takes nothing returns nothing
    local trigger t = CreateTrigger()
    call TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ( t, EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_EFFECT )
    call TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ(t,EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_ENDCAST)
    call TriggerAddAction( t, function Actions )
    call TriggerAddCondition(t,Condition(function Conditions))
    set SLEEP = CreateSoundFromLabel(&quot;SleepBirth1&quot;,false,true,true,10,10)
    set b = Filter(function CheckEnemies)

Tell me why does the sound not play?


set Gwypaas = Guhveepaws
I don't think you incorporated all the parts of the BJ. You may want to consider just using the BJ instead, it'll work. Did you create the sound in the sound editor?
I tried to not use sound editor variables as they are too messy.

If I figured other people could do it this way why can't I? Also SimError is created using almost the same method as mine.


Is known to say things. That is all.
Change fade in and fade out to 10000 then, as that is what blizzard has used in it's BJs.


set Gwypaas = Guhveepaws
I tried to not use sound editor variables as they are too messy.

If I figured other people could do it this way why can't I? Also SimError is created using almost the same method as mine.
Sound editor is the only way to do it as far as I know. Stop being stubborn, just copy/paste it over from a GUI trigger...
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