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I have a cinematic trigger at the beginning of a map that is not under a map initialization event. Inside the trigger as part of sending transmissions to players, I told it to play some sounds to go along with the dialouge under the send transmission field. They did not play.
Then I tried to manually play the sounds after the send transmission line and they still didn't play. i don't know how to get the sounds to play in cinematic mode and I can't change their channel to dialouge like with the Frozen Throne sounds in actual game cinematics. Please Help.


I'm guessing the sound has been classed as a '3d sound'. Right-click on it in the sound editor and uncheck 3d sound.


Thank You it worked

I am actually the person who started this thread, I just registered though. Anyway, It worked but I have a new problem. I can't play any music other than the default settings for the race chosen. I wan't it to play a couple other Warcraft songs but it just keeps playing the default even after I cleared the playlist and set a new play list. Any Suggestions?


I haven't personally mucked around that much with music lists, as their implementation in the editor seems a bit obscure to me.

I imagine the command to stop the current music is "stop music". Setting up a music list is beyond me, but I imagine using "play music" should easily start playing the music you want.

And make sure that if you want different music that you have selected "use as music" when right-clicking on your desired music in the sound editor. This will allow you to select this song to play when using "play music".


Don't know if this helps, but I was looking through my archive and found an old post made by someone on how to make a music list from imported mp3 files:

I haven't created a music list with internal music, so I'm not
sure how to do that, but for creating a music list using imported
mp3 files, here's the technique:

In Sound Editor, Import External Music will import individual mp3
songs. In order to create a music list of them, you have to use
Custom Text.

1. In Trigger Editor, create a new trigger with no events or
conditions, and a single action:
Music - Play Music

2. Select Edit|Convert to Custom Text, ignoring the warning
dialog. In the custom text, you will see a function that looks
function Trig_Create_Music_List_Actions takes nothing returns
call PlayMusicBJ(" .....

3. Alter that function to indicate the mp3 files that you have
imported. You must not use their variable names, but their file
names, and you must include the path shown below.

function Trig_Create_Music_List_Actions takes nothing returns
call PlayMusicBJ(
ported\\Mozart.mp3" )

the line that begins with "call" should all be on one line

until the closing parenthesis. In the above examples, I am
creating a play list of three imported mp3 files: Handel.mp3,
Bach.mp3, and Mozart.mp3. You must include the
"war3mapImported\\" path for each file.

4. When this trigger is run, it will begin to play the new music
list, starting with a random song, and then cycle through them

If you make any action to play the default 'music' preset, then
you must call this trigger again to return to your custom play

If you are uncomfortable with custom text, don't worry too much,
since you can always delete the trigger and start over. The
conversion to custom text will only affect the selected trigger.

Keep in mind that imported songs are quite large, and that the
total size of all the imported files will be added to the storage
size of the saved game. limits maps to 4MB.
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