Crime South Korea: A true crime fanatic killed someone she met online 'out of curiosity' to see what murder would be like for real, police say


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A 23-year-old true crime fanatic was arrested in the South Korean city of Busan on Wednesday in connection with the killing and dismembering of a woman, according to law enforcement authorities.

Police said they believe the killing was done "out of curiosity," driven by the suspect's desire to experience what murder was like firsthand, South Korea's oldest newspaper The Chosun Ilbo reported.

The newspaper said that Jung Yoo-jung confessed to the killing and was indicted for murder on Friday.

Initially, Jung claimed to have killed the victim during an argument but later retracted the statement when presented with contradictory evidence by investigators, per The Chosun Ilbo.

A police spokesperson said they suspect the murder was premeditated and was driven by Jung's desire to kill someone for real after she "became obsessed with murder from TV programs and books."

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