Space Station: Craziness Ensues

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Space Station: Craziness Ensues
Space Station is a unique take on the survival genre where twelve players have to work together, or against each other, to keep a Space Station running, or destroy it. There are many ways to win the game and many different roles to play. At the start of the game the game mode is randomized and it’s up to the players themselves to figure out what challenges they are going to be facing. On top of this, sometimes another game mode will start on top of an already activated mode. So you might find yourself having to deal with a revolution and an infestation at the same time. To win, the players must survive and keep the station running for 30 to 60 minutes depending on the set difficulty.

Game Modes
  1. Infestation: The station is overrun by an incurable parasite that morphs itself into terrifying mindless zombies. The players must either survive while keeping the station running or develop a cure for the infestation to win. The parasite has various ways of spreading which restricts the players in various ways. If the sickness is waterborne, the players will be unable to drink infested water or if the sickness is airborne the players will be unable to breathe infested air and so on. If the players are killed by the infested or by the sickness itself, they become powerful infested creatures which can now win the game by killing all the living players.
  2. Traitor: One player becomes the traitor and must kill all the other players, or destroy the station before the time runs out. The other players must find out who the traitor is and either kill or detain him or her. This is though easier said than done as the traitor could do nothing but help the other players the entire game and they would have no way of finding out the traitors identity. Being alone, the traitor needs to be smart and hide in the shadows. The traitor will also use other game modes being enabled later in the game, or already enabled, to his or her advantage. The traitor can also set off these game modes manually by for example researching a virus and infecting the entire station or hacking the AI which will make it go rogue.
  3. Revolution: A variation of the traitor game mode but when the revolutionary kills another player, that player will respawn as a revolutionary. The revolutionary only needs to gain access to the bridge to win the game.
  4. Nuke: Yet another version of the Traitor game mode where the terrorist starts with a nuclear bomb but must retrieve the captain’s key card to reach the activation disk which allows the terrorist to set off the bomb and win.
  5. Rogue AI: The station AI can start acting up and bending the rules it should impossibly be able to break. The players must act fast to disable or reprogram the AI before it takes over the entire station. Expect doors to close in front of you and machinery to shoot at you.
  6. Meteor: Meteors will continually barrage the station and the players must together repair the damage before the station falls apart and prevent possible loss of life.
  7. More game modes to be announced…

There is only one special role on the station and that is the captain. At the start of each game, players are asked if they want to play the captain or not. If they answer no, they won't be up for selection, if they answer yes, they will. If no one answers yes, a player is randomly picked. If there are multiple players who wants to play as the captain, one of them will be randomly picked. The captain is the only special role that you can play in the game but players will need to assign roles among themselves to be effective as a team. One player might be good with scientific research, one might be a good doctor and one might be an excellent engineer. Even though the game encourages this kind of behavior, it doesn't restrict the players in any way. Everyone can do everything, only restricted by their keycards.
The captain is the leader of the station and should optimally be reserved for an experienced player. Basically, the captain doesn't have any more power or capabilities than anyone else. Everyone can do the captain's duties, but they can't access the bridge without the captain's keycard. The captain can also not become the traitor, revolutionary or terrorist.

Every player has a keycard. This is what identifies the player, allows the player to open doors and use different things on the station. The captain has the captain's keycard which allows access to absolutely everything. The captain can change what each player can access with his or her keycard whenever he or she wishes. Other than using stuff and opening doors, dropping your keycard or putting it in your backpack, pocket, hand or anywhere else other than your belt while having any kind of mask on will change your name to 'Unknown'. This means no one will be able to identify you. And if you take someone else's keycard, put it on your belt and equip a mask, your name will change to that person's name. This is especially useful if you're up to no good.

The Station
The Station is a massive place which you will be able to discover. This is also what makes it dangerous as it is easy to get separated and once the infested start swarming all over you or the traitor is hunting you, you'll want to stick together. There are many different rooms and departments in the station.
  • Arrivals: This is where the game starts, when you have just arrived at your new job as a space station expert (or something...).
  • Bridge: Where the captain controls the station from. Can only be accessed with the captain's keycard, unless the captain has changed a player's keycard permissions. Or created a new keycard with permission to access the bridge.
  • Medbay: Where patients are treated and medical experiments are performed. Animals can be used for testing, or humans if you're playing as the traitor (or a troll). Medbay contains massive amounts of equipment and some medicine on the easy difficulty.
  • The Science Department: Where scientific research is performed. Anything can be created here. Anything from viruses that makes any unit walk half as fast to mind controlled monkeys.
  • Security: Where players can arm themselves, if necessary. Initially only accessible by the captain. There is also a large monitoring console where players can watch the station through security cameras.
  • Control: Station status monitoring room. Everything can be monitored from here. Works hand in hand with maintenance.
  • Engineering: A room full of tools and stations required to create whatever the player feels like. Engineering tools are also used to repair existing builds or the station in general.
  • Robotics: Here is where artificially intelligent companions and helpers can be created. Anything from cleaning bots to massive war machines.
  • Maintenance: Where all the core systems of the station stands. The power generator, AI and air supply to name a few.
  • Storage Rooms: There are many storage rooms around the station, all filled with various tools and items you might need.
  • More areas are to be announced.

There are thousands of ways to play Space Station and because of the randomized game modes and events, each game is different from the other. Before the game starts there is a five minute warm up where the captain is assigned and players can start preparing for the challenges to come. When the first game mode starts, weird and dangerous shit is going to happen which means that it's very important for the players to figure out which game mode has been enabled and what is happening on the station. If a player has become the traitor, revolutionary or terrorist it is important for them to establish a strategy for how they are going to achieve their goal and win the game. The other players who know that they haven't become any of those will have to do their best to help out, while at the same time keeping a close eye on their allies as anyone could turn on them at any second.

If you would die in the game then you will become a ghost and the entire map is revealed to you. When you are dead, you will not be able to communicate with the other players in any way. You can be revived if another player finds your body and plants your consciousness into an android. This is though a very complicated medical, scientific and engineering process and will take a lot of effort from your team mates, so this is something they might choose not to do if the situation on the station isn't contained well already.

The gameplay of Space Station's main feature is the possibilities. You can do, create, consume, force, manipulate, hack, play with... Anything. There are several hundreds of items, all with various uses and effects. These items can also be combined in endless ways which creates hilarious and spectacular outcomes. Do you want to fill an oxygen tank with sleeping gas, knock someone down with a fire extinguisher and the force them to inhale sleeping gas by quickly putting a gas mask on their face and attaching the tank? Stuff like these are possible in the game.

Space Station is currently in development over at, but I will be answering any questions here on the helper and update this thread accordingly. This is a mod we are planning to work quite a bit on, so don't expect a release in the near future.

How can you help?
There are many ways you can help us. First of all you can share this project in whatever ways you share things online. You could also tell your friends about it. But most of all, leave suggestions, ideas, criticism and thoughts. These are listened to and we believe in that the project will grow from harsh critics.

We are currently not actively seeking developers as we don't feel that this is a project that would need a larger team. But if you're super interested in the project, we'll discuss it.

Expect more updates in the near future and thank you for showing interest in the project and reading this far. We hope you enjoy it!

-- The Space Station development team and the EpicNuts staff.

Space Station is a Starcraft 2 take on the game Space Station 13 which is Copyright © 2011 Robust Games.
We take no credit for the original idea or game concept, only for the creation of this Starcraft 2 mod.

Wilmer Lindau

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How far are you with the terrain? (I'm thinking of screenshots)
This was the concept that I wrote for a couple of days and I thought I could post it so we could pick up great ideas immediately. In other words, we just started. Will post screens once I think there is something worth showing that isn't just an empty shell :rolleyes:


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I really like the concept of working together inside an environment in space. It seems similar to Cruiser Command since both are teamwork based and in a space station/ship, although this concept is obviously very different from Cruiser Command in gameplay.

I look forward to seeing how it ends up :)
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