Spaceship. Feedback/ideas needed

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Allright, Randomly messing up with my Blender, I've decided to make something I had in my mind for a long. Well, after 4 hours of works I've managed to get something half-way to what I need. More like 1/4 way, But no matter.

Anyway, here's an image of my spaceship.

Things I will have to Improve: The window infront. It looks real ugly, and I am thinking of diffirent shapes/positions to place it.
The whole carcass. It looks not exactly how I wanted.
The tail (Probably). I really need suggestions for it.

Also, The tail looks so thing because of the perspective view. Don't mind it.

Please, post your Ideas/feedback :)

King TonGoll

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tail bent down a little more.
even if you changed the way the front window looked, the skin of the space ship would make it look wierd i think. unless you did it really well.

good work though! I really like it.
4/5 for the window.

the window looks better now that i have taken a better look at it. i give it 1 4.5/5 why? becuz i couldnt do better.
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Yeah, It looks like crap now. I will change the shape of window to something like those big "Boengs" have, plus, I will Chagne texture. Probably to something real-spaceship-like.

Thanks for your feedback!

I don't know how it will look when finished.


i think itll look cool if u put like propellar blades in those circles

King TonGoll

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no way, those things are the coolist part! it looks like those antigravity things from the matrix. keep it the same. ill +rep you.....hehehehe bribed.


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I got some suggestions. Try making the windshield kind of like my attached image. Just do a reflection of it for the other side.

The tail might have something like a rudder. That would look cool.

It looks nice so far though.


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I think the texture should be the same brownish, but smooth and shiny. And the coils, if they are the method of propulsion, should be able to rotate and swing around a bit, and some detail should be added so it makes being able to control them logical :D

Looks really cool, can't wait to see it finished.
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If it's smooth and shinny, It looks too dull.
I'm thinking about it thou!

An Whitesock...

What do you mean windshield and ruber? I can't understand what you meant.


Anyway, Here's a better, newer version of my Spaceship.

I would do animations for it too, but even this one frame was generated in 3 minutes (Gotta get that stupid YafRay if I want to increase the Rendering Speed)

Tell me if you like it :)


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Could you lighten it up for the next picture? It's a little too dark :(

Looking good so far, but...machine gun thingies for a highly advanced space craft? Think more along the lines of laser beams and stuff :p


All Along the Watchtower
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Looks good to me, reminds me of a spaceship called a 'Reaver' in Planetside ;)
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Heh It's halfway done.

Planetside? A space game? Is it interesting? I've been searching for good space games for a year now. If I had a Credit card, I would be probably playing Eve Online now :p


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I know this is a few months old, but I was wondering if Amif was still working on it? 'Cause it looks like an Orca from C&C games.

In any case, Good job. The window is still not quite right IMO. The edges outside the window look rough compared to the smoothness of the propulsion units. And the texture of the window doesn't seem to go well with the rest of the ship.

Question: Would this ship enter atmosphere at all? If it did the tail is far too small to stabilise the ship as it flys. If not, the tail is just a feature since it's not needed in space and still looks too small. I'd remove it or make the fins bigger and the body longer. I get the feeling it can't decide if its half grown or half aged.

Good Job, and keep on Blendering :)
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Actually, ORCA from Comand and conquer was a prototybe of this spaceship.

I haven't been working on this model really much, actually.

About it's tail - It should be able to enter atmosphere by using it super-special engine, wich causes various particles in front of the spaceship to be instantly teleported behind it or somehting like that.

Oh, and the tail actually just looks so small because of "perspective view"


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Don't you need the side jets to be able to rotate or turn. They seem fixed in place. I like the colors and the texture, but the indow should be glossy and smoothe. The tail could be like this from behind:

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