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Lately I've been working on a map in which up to (6) Spell Breakers battle against each other. The goal is to get to a certain amount of points, points are gained by killing other Spell Breakers and doing events that constantly spawn (I.E: a flag spawns, take it and bring it to the other side without dying). There is also creeps which attack like in Diablo 3 (they shoot dodge-able projectiles) which you get points for killing. The whole idea is that the game should be very intense. To kill others you are equipped with a set of skills:

Toss a deadly Shuriken that deals 100 damage and has a 50% chance to bounce to a nearby enemy.
This skill is like Archer Wars etc, you toss a Shuriken towards the target location and it is dodge-able.

Charges forward with great rage, damaging and knocking back any enemies you pass through. Deals 80 damage.
Time Field:
Invoke a bubble of warped time and space for 8 seconds, slowing enemy projectiles speed and increasing ally projectiles speed.
This is like the Slow Time ability for Wizard in Diablo 3, you create a bubble (looks like Faceless Void's ulti) in which your projectiles moves quicker and enemies projectiles moves slower.

Activate to reflect incoming projectiles with your shield. While Defend is active, movement is reduced by 50%. Costs 15 mana per second.
Any projectiles hitting your shield will be deflected.

The arena:

What do I need help with?
First of all, I need any kind of ideas for the map, especially a more original name :)

Second, I need someone who's good at terraining since that really isn't my cup of tea. The map is only 32x32, hit me up if you would like to help me out with that so we can discuss the layout! :)

Thanks for reading guys, have a great day!


I don't know what to change it to
Hey, I am willing to help at some spells, or triggers or something else you need. Also could give some general Ideas. PM me if you're interested.
Also nice concept


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IMO the name Spell Breakers is fine. Short and sweet and does justice.

How about these?

Name: Sun Burst
Type: Unit/Point Target (could be either of them, depending on how it will balance)
Effect: Causes a blast of flame at the target unit/point, dealing damage in an area.
Bonus Effects: Causes damage over time for a few seconds / Knockback (again, depends on balance)
Notes: Uses the Spell Breaker's "spell" animation; the fire effect is Doom (Minion) <Target>, Abilities\Spells\Other\Doom\DoomDeath.mdl.

Name: Breaker Orb
Type: Point Target
Effect: Flings an orb of distorted energy at the target point. The orb deals damage and silences the first Spell Breaker it hits, regardless of alliance. The orb bounces just like any other projectile.
Notes: The orb has the model file of an enlarged Spell Steal <Missile>, Abilities\Spells\Human\SpellSteal\SpellStealMissile.mdl.
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