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Hey guys...

im working on an ORPG and the last thing to do is spells....the problem is that i have no ideas. :(

i need spell ideas for the following classes :

Tank (HP-reg Tank & Defense Tank )
Smasher (Stunner class)
Melee Fighter (Critter, Fast Attacker , Strong Attacker)
Healing & Buffer classes
Ranged classes (no magic)

just give me all your ideas you get/have for these classes :D every idea is needed. All ideas used will get +rep and a place in credits.

thanks in advance

greetz happy


i guess thats a problem too..

Tank: defense auras to all nearby,and active skill that gives you uber armor for some secs

Healers: make like a target heal that you can do on yourself and friends for life or to your enemies for damage(they have to be dark units ofc)

Ranged: like cursed arrows that the more the enemy take he ll have more bleeding or slow or poison or slow atck.rate and also an arrow that instantly gives fear to the enemy (i mean hes forced to run to the opposite direction)


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Smasher sounds awesome lol.
Sounds like a melee hero that is slow, and hits slow but for hard.
Something like a Tauren that smacks the enemy hard and stunning targets on most attacks. (This is balanced due to the slow attack)
Sounds like you would want to base the hero around stun effects.

Here is an example idea:

Skill 1:
Every attack has a 20/25/30/35 % chance to stun for 0.8 seconds.

Skill 2: Empowers his next attack, it deals 2x damage and if the attacked target is stunned it deals a bonus 200/300/400/500 damage to the attacked target.

Skill 3: Increases attack speed for a short duration and every attack has a 15% additional chance to stun, this duration of active ability increases when leveled up.

Skill 4: Does some sort of grand slam (like Pulverize or something) dealing a large amount of damage and stunning all nearby enemies.

There is quite some synergy between those abilities, but I am fairly tired so it might sound lame. But perhaps I've given you some idea's.


Ranged sounds kinda like an Archer that hits hard or fast. Generally give those some kinda of debuff on attack, life a slow or reduction of some sort. Often bonus damage on attack abilities are also used.

For tank-regen, perhaps some sort of move that gives hit points back as a % of damage dealt, or % of maximum hit points. This could be targetable or apon attack. Perhaps the ultimate could give intense regeneration over a short/long period of time.

Healing, sounds kinda like Support. Normally combo'd with abilities that increase the effectiveness of allies aswel. Such as buffing their damage or attack speed, or restoring mana, or restoring a % of their hit points. Depending on the class of the target.


Hope these comments and idea's help.
Will comment again tomorrow if needed, if you have any specific idea's that you'd like help on. Just let me know, I'd gladly help.


A great power for a dps ranged is creating a ability based on the firelord's incinarate combined with some spells that make a surge in atk speed... sounds good to me :) Something like this:

Consecutive shot: adds more damage for each shot you give on the same target. maybe 1/2/3/4... depends on your game and you can choose if it will be passive or active and is a base ability, so... easy work XD

Adrenaline surge: Drasticaly increasse the atk speed of the hero for a short duration. this is a common frenzy edited spell but would be great with the first spell for more damage income

Esnare trap: Throw an immobilizating trap that when enemys get closer it may esnare the enemy, rendering him (if melee) to attack you, stopping him from fleeing or chasing you down. dependinding on your map it can be only the esnare spell but I like traps so much XD

You said you doesn't like spells... like magic things or normal warcraft spells? XDyou could put a cool summon with this ranged foe, would be great if they had some kind synergy, the hero could mount on it or you can only control it by some dummy spells in a spell book, example.... after you summon the pet the ability icon could change to "orders" like: "attack", "walk here", "use spell 1", "spell 2", "mark that target(for the spells use, if the target dies or you doens't say which person use the spell it may cast on the unit he's attacking)" and etc :)

These spells I said doesnt obey a order (3 normal + 1 ult) but if you want (in the order) the pet could level up by himself (in a slowest way) to become more powerfull instead of leveling up the skill

hope I helped :D
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