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Ever come to the point where you just can't be bothered
making a decent looking map for people to test your spells on?

Feel like "stealing" someone elses?
Or worse yet - using a plain 64x64 map with no modifications?

Well, now you can download any of the free 'Spell Test Map Templates',
to add your spells to, and still have nice-looking terrain.

After all, it is ultimately "better" to test out custom spells on maps that make em look good.
Don't you think?

Templates include:

- Lush terrain
- Hero, creep & tree/destructible revival triggers
- Player-unit restoration trigger
- Pre-modified Gameplay Constants
- Ready-made dummy unit
- ReadMe template
- And Creeps, of course
> If you have an idea that will benefit the maps, please PM me the idea.

If you're going to use any of the maps, remember to go to:

Scenario > Map Description,
Scenario > Map Loading Screen
...and change what is needed in those places to suit you.


Map Downloads:

There are 4 templates currently available (all smallest map size, 32x32):
- Tropical
- Snowy
- Grassy
- Barrens

Choose whichever suites your spell(s).


  • Spell Test Map Template - TROPICAL.w3x
    42.4 KB · Views: 938
  • Spell Test Map Template - SNOWY.w3x
    36.7 KB · Views: 799
  • Spell Test Map Template - GRASSY.w3x
    43.8 KB · Views: 849
  • Spell Test Map Template - BARRENS.w3x
    32.3 KB · Views: 690
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