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HEy im trying to make a spellbook which will have 5 different abilities inside it which will add different stats Str Agi Int Wis Con but everytime i try spells they never work.

Are there certain spells i can use ? that cont collide with each other that dont show any kind of art just an ability which will add to the stat i want without any drama lol ?


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I'd use channel, it's a good ability to use for that.


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If they are active spells, simpy base them off 5 different single target spells, changing the Targets allowed (if you base them off the same OrderID, they will all go on a cooldown and sometimes it will get a crash) and trigger it, so that when you cast the spell, add ability to Casting unit. Ability equal to Item Intelligence Bonus for example, go, edit the values and add the ability through triggers. If you want it to have a duration, start a countdown timer and create another trigger that when that timer expires, remove the ability from the casting unit (you will have to add the casting unit in a variable).
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