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Im trying to change where the spells in my spellbook go but they seem to random up. i tried looknig at other posts but they didnt help

i added them to the spellbook in the way i wanted but they still go in a different order.

i even changed the X and Y places to suit them where i want but they still seem to mix all up

what am i doing wrong xD (its probs simple but i cant seem to get it)


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Yeah it doesn't make sense, u gotta upload. Unless, u overwrited over them. And remember, there are normal, and research(learning) icon. Its most probably that, or u overwrited. like
Button A and Button B
Button A is 3,2
And Button B is also 3,2
Then one will be moved somewhere else.


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it has something to do with being in a spellbook

Spell book is in 0,2
Buttons i set are in 1,0 2,0 3,0 0,1

But 3,0 is in 1,0 2,0 is in 0,1 they are all mixed up xD


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't 3,0 the cancel button within the spell book? If I remember, hardcoded things like that automatically get priority over anything else you try to put there. So it would push it somewhere else, probably pushing even more things around...

EDIT: Nevermind, I just remembered that 3,0 is in the top row. Disregard everything I have said before.


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Nevermind i fixed it xD

i had the minimum spells set on 1 instead of 5 which made them all jumble up

thanks for helping tho ;D


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> it has something to do with being in a spellbook

Contrary to most other replies in this thread, this one made all the sense.

While your "minimum" setting fixed the overall appearance, it's not going to help with the actual button order.
Those could still be somewhat mixed up as they depend on the order the spells are loaded, regardless of button settings...
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