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Ok, I was only gonna do it if people needed it, or if it was possible. Nvm, then.

Actually it is possible but it requires a fair bit of coding, just for the critical strike.


Omnislash does not work properly.

I got a problem here. After I cast the Omnislash, its successfully work to jump around and attack enemies, but here is the problem, after one of enemy die under Omnislash, the spell will stop immediately even there are enemies still alive nearby the caster and the loops still havent finish.

The trigger and variable is exactly same with the sample. And i have tried to copy the trigger from sample and paste it to my own map too. But the same problem occur.
May I know what is the problem and how to solve it as well please



How can i change the cooldown.

Hi there! The spell is great i just like to ask how can i change it's cooldown , I
tried on the object editor but it isnt working , plpleas help me ,thanks!


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The object editor is the only way to do so...

No its not!!!

Me and my friend did everything! The damn thing still won't cool down! :banghead:

There has to be something more! We made the cooldown at, at least, 120. But it still is useable.

PLEASE!!! Can you see what's up with the spell so we could go on with our World Editor lives?

PS: the special effect is not blink, it's the Pheonix's missile.


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Why the hell do you guys blame him?? Im new and i think this is to(almost) to complicated for me. I think its an awsome spell what is hard and complicated to do for me. But for JASS:ers its to easy, so you shouldnt blame anyone how did GUI plz.


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this is like Dota, yes, it also deals the random damage between 150 - 250. \(-.-)/
but don´t you think u could teach people about making an omni slash that REALLY deals the ATTACK damage instead of a random number?

OFF TOPIC: cause when I played Dota, in the first time I read the spell I tought it was like ATTACK damage, then, when I discovered it was just a random damage I stoppeed playing dota forever...


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Doesn't Triggering Unit return Casting Unit, so therefore it's laggier to have Triggering unit?


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1. Triggering Unit is a native, you dont know the inner mechanics. Also it is done in GUI so you shouldnt care about this little speed difference (if there is one).

2. To MapGuy
but don´t you think u could teach people about making an omni slash that REALLY deals the ATTACK damage instead of a random number?
that is only calculation and not doable in general. you have to take the base damage, the attribute based bonus damage, the item based bonus damage and the aura bonus damage. Not hard but much work and only doable for the specific map.


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dota order the caster to attack every slash...

get some buff placer and see by yourself (or mjollnir/maelstrom)


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How come this tutorial is the most view one on these forums? Is omnislash that a popular spell?


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Thanks for the trigger! It works pretty good in my map so far. But how do you make each swing deal (Hero's current base damage (Include Bonuses)) X 2? If the GUI options gave me the option of using the Unit's base damage, I would of figured it out by now.


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> deal (Hero's current base damage (Include Bonuses)) X 2?

No possible or accurate way to do this, as far as I know. I believe this was discussed in this thread as well.


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You have to store the unit's base damage, and use a proper bonus sta handling system (such as Status), so you can get it's current bonus damage (but all the item and ability bonuses must be triggered).

It's actually easy, but needs a lot of work.


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If you can make a certain attribute the only source of damage aside from bonuses, then you could just use that attribute. Bonus damage can be calculated by adding values given to items and the levels of abilities.
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