US News Spicy Cheetos are sending kids to the emergency room

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    Super spicy chips and snack foods have come under attack as being unhealthy, with certain school districts even going so far as to ban some brands from their schools.But now doctors say there's another reason spicy junk food should be avoided: It can result in a trip to the emergency room.

    Emergency room doctors said they were seeing kids and some adults coming into the ER with gastritis, an inflamed stomach lining, or other stomach ailments after eating bags of spicy snack foods.
    In Los Angeles, 12-year-old Andrew Medina experienced stomach pain on and off for weeks before seeing a doctor.

    It's "like if you have a bruise or something. It really hurts a lot," is how Andrew described the pain to ABC station KABC-TV in Los Angeles.

    Andrew told KABC that he probably eats between 20 to 30 bags of spicy chips and snacks a month.
    The practice among kids and adolescents to not only eat junk food but very spicy junk food worries doctors, who say spicy snack foods can change the pH balance in the stomach, making it painfully acidic.

    Dr. Martha Rivera, a pediatrician at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, said she sees between five and six cases of children with gastritis daily.

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    Wait, spicy food is not acidic, those 2 things have nothing in common.
    So why would eating spicy chips change your pH balance to the acid side?
    Why are spicy chips acidic when neither normal chips nor spicy food is?
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    Holy Crap, No wonder, It can give you inflamed stomach etc..
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    yeah, if you eat 30 bags of chips in a month you've got some serious issues, which probably stem from deeper issues than with implementation of your diet
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    Hot cheetos contain: folic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, sodium citrate, onion powder, garlic powder... all acids.

    They actually don't contain any chilis at all.

    Story Time: When I was in grade school, on hot days, kids would eat hot cheetos, drink water, and then throw up constantly. It was actually really common on summer days. We would all joke about it because it was hard to finish a bag of hot cheetos back then and then down some water and not toss it all up. Seeing this story so many years later is humorous to me because of the conclusions that we came to back then.

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    Aren't those the ones advertised as setting drapes on fire?
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    Ah, flammable spit. Comes with every package of hot chips and salsa sauce.

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