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  1. Bribe

    Bribe vJass errors are legion

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    Unfortunately, this snippet is now outdated thanks to Status.
    > Ah, that makes sense

    Also, I don't think you used AIDS correctly in your snippet (you need to use: //! runtextmacro AIDS())
    > Won't hooking the onEnter command suffice? I don't think this needs the whole textmacro; just wanted to catch the units as they come through :-j

    But a good idea turning four libraries into one. :)
    > Aye, consolidation, one of my favorite things about programming ;) Thanks
  2. Kenny

    Kenny Back for now.

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    That's what AIDS_onCreate() is for.

    private struct UnitData extends array
        //! runtextmacro AIDS()
        integer pauseSize
        integer showSize
        integer invulSize
        integer pathSize
        private method AIDS_onCreate takes nothing returns nothing
            set this.pauseSize = 0
            set this.showSize = 0
            set this.invulSize = 0
            set this.pathSize = 0

    I'm pretty sure that does the same thing as you were trying to do with your struct.
  3. Bribe

    Bribe vJass errors are legion

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    But with 70 lines of textmacro code instead of 3 hand-typed :O

    And what's more, putting the AIDS textmacro at the top of the struct like everyone does will generate lots of text during map compilation (generated method caller/executor for AIDS_onCreate) :(

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