Star Citizen’s first playable module arrives with backers next week

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    Star Citizen
    backers are going to get their first taste of the game next week. Not that they’ll be chomping on a large slice of galactic adventure, or even chewing a section of slowly roasted ship combat. Instead, they’ll get to nibble tenderly at the hangar module – the first amuse-bouche that will eventually grow into a full space sim meal. Is it lunchtime yet?

    Chris Roberts’ recently told Eurogamer that he is no longer seeking private funding for the game. “I’m actually not taking money from investors now,” he said in an interview. “The budget for what we’re delivering is about $20 million, and we’re almost there – we’ll probably be there before the end of the year.” Given that the game has currently raised $16 million purely through crowdfunding, he’s probably not wrong

    Read more and watch Roberts touring an incomplete build of the hanger module at
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