Starcraft 1.5 3D TC Maps Pack v5 Released

Discussion in 'Members' Projects' started by night_wolveX, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. night_wolveX

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    After four months of hard work and hours of editing, I've finally released the new and improved versions of all nine Starcraft Conversions Maps. I was able to add a heap of new material from new models and skins as well as new trigger systems and text editing. Here is what I've changed/Added to the project;

    General Updating:

    Game Constants - Changed 'Armor Damage Reduction MUltilper' to 0.00

    Game Interface - Removed 'You Will Be Revealed...etc' text from map

    Quest - Updated Credit Section with Crazy Duck, Abriko & Angelusz name's to the credits list

    Models - Added new compressed mdx files for all units reducing the maps size by 11%
    - New Medic Model Added
    - New Dropship Model Added

    Icon - Added New Black blank Icons
    - Added New SC Style Attack, Move, Patrol, Stop and Hold Position Icons
    - New StimPack Icon Added

    Units - Added New 'SC Armor Abilities' to all affected units
    - Fixed Glitch with Refinery, Extractor & Assimilator building anywhere on map
    - Increased Observer 'Selection Circle
    - Reduced Dropship Flying Height
    - Added 'Detects cloaked units' highlight text in unit description for detector units
    - Edited Command Centre, Nexus and Hatchery collison sizes and pathing types

    Ability - Created New SC Armor Abilities for new SC Armor system
    - Adjusted 'Haverst' abilities tooltips
    - Changed 'Plasma Shield' & 'Detector' Abilities Icons to The New Black Blank Icons
    - Updated Plasma Shield Ability

    Upgrades - Added New Effects to all Armor Upgrades in conjunction with the new SC Armor System
    - Added Requirements on all armor upgrades for Lv 2 and Lv 3
    - Re-Edited some of the upgrade text info with more revleant information

    Trigger - Created new SC Armor System triggers
    - Adjusted and increased 'Zerg Creep Removal' radius trigger

    Big Game Hunters v2.4:

    Map - Removed Excess testing units left in maps during testing

    Hunters v1.9:

    Map - Editied Map Terrain

    Offical News Freed -

    New Screenshots:

    Maps Pack Version 5 -

    New Utilities Pack Version 1 Released

    'Exclusive to ModDB Website Only'

    This Utilities Pack contains every model and skin used in my maps Project. Each model and skin has a readme.txt file contain the creator's name and or names as well as their own personal project's name and website link address's.
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  2. Lunarios

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    All I have to say is wow.
  3. chovynz

    chovynz We are all noobs! in different states of Noobism!

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    I'll say it too - wow.
    Ima getting this.
  4. Fulla

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    Getting better and better :D

    Did you check out Shadow1500's Shield system btw?, even includes a potential 'shield armor upgrade' as well.
  5. Sooda

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    Played it and I liked it only Warcraft sounds anoy a bit but it isn' t something really bad. I highly recomend to download it beacasue it is just awsome- fast loading and no lag. Everything is like in Starcraft.
    I had idea that you could trigger land9ing like this if you are useing landing "building structure" if unit starts building it creat dummy unit and ensnare it then it "lands" and order to metamorph to ground unit back or just replace unit :D
    Too bad there isn' t AI for computer players jet.
    This map is fantastic ! Best ever map what I have played so far.
  6. night_wolveX

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  7. hi_im_bob

    hi_im_bob ......and you are?

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    These maps bring back so many memories....
  8. Doomhammer

    Doomhammer Bob Kotick - Gamers' corporate spoilsport No. 1

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    very nice job.
    one thing you might want to adjust are the cooldown/building time for Protoss scarabs and interceptors, which should be A LOT less as you cannot build in a queue.
  9. night_wolveX

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    Yes, unfortunately i didnt design both the reaver and carrier triggers and i have one means of developing them to the correct conversion. Some players suggested to me making the abilities autocastable, which sounds good but could become an inbalance in the game that way so im looking at other methods of conversion for the moment.
  10. Narks

    Narks Vastly intelligent whale-like being from the stars

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    Wouldn't it be much better if the Reaver could build units, like buildings do?

    btw, carriers are rigged shit, their interceptors are fucking gayshit, they attack waaay too fast.
  11. night_wolveX

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    anarki do u know how hard it is to convert everything to starcraft. I wish i could make the map perfect right now, but im just one guy i dont have a team to with specialist in triggers and models. I have spent 4 years working on this and yes its not finished and still needs work but i intend to finish the as much as i can one day. If u can do better then be my guest.
  12. Thanatos_820

    Thanatos_820 Death is Not the End

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    You could've been more polite to night_wolveX you know :mad:. You didn't have to cuss at him just so you could get his attention. Speak more polite next time.

    Are ideas for upgrades or abilities open :D? I'd gladly suggest a few for you.
  13. night_wolveX

    night_wolveX New Member

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    thank you Thanatos_820, ever since i started this project there have always been perfectionists and people who want everything absouletly perfect complaining to me about my projects flaws or faults as well as poeple who want to change the map to be more wc3 like, so i try my best to push on with the project and aim for the goals i have set myself and hope i can get there one day in the future.

    AS for ideas, help is always welcome with me but it all depends whether the help given to me will help recreate the Starcraft properties into the maps exactly the same and not change how things work, expect for certain things that can improve Starcraft gameplayability. an eg. is in Starcraft u can only min 1 mineral field at any one time but in my maps u can have around 10 workers at one field, as this is more effective. So yeh let me know any ideas u guys might have, who knows u might become part of the team:).
  14. Thanatos_820

    Thanatos_820 Death is Not the End

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    Okay then, mind if I suggest some upgrades? I wrote these 6 months ago on paper but I didn't seem to put a use to them :p. And they were Starcraft based too:

    Gem of Aldaris: Cost 175 Minerals & 125 Vespene Gas
    Icon: Heart of Bloodfeather
    Increases the hitpoints of all non mechanical Protoss units by 20.

    Kaiser Claws: Cost 200 Minerals & 75 Vespene Gas
    Icon: Creature Attack Lvl 1
    Increases the damage of all Zerglings by 3.

    Biological Synthesis: Cost 250 Minerals & 175 Vespene Gas
    Icon: Dispel Magic
    Increases the hitpoints of Zerg units by 20 and hitpoint regeneration by 15%.

    Vespene Fuel: Cost 25 Minerals & 200 Vespene Gas
    Icon: Firebolt
    Increases the damage of all Firebats by 3 and attack range by 100.

    Sheild Recharge: Cost 125 Minerals & 150 Vespene Gas
    Icon: Spell Immunity or Mana Shield (Active or Deactive)
    Increases the energy recharge rate of all Protoss units by 5% and energy capacity by 25.

    Eh, they're probably not good, but if there are needs of changes, you can alter them when you improve your map :). I can't figure out the costs of these researches so I just did the values depending on what they would use in the "real" Starcraft world. These ideas are not recommened though.
  15. Sooda

    Sooda Diversity enchants

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    Hm how much does take one race with all units and buildings ? You could customize one ordinary melee map(s) from FrosenThrone and make Terrain vs Warcraft default races then exact map with Zergs vs Warcraft races and Protoss vs Warcraft Races, maybe it would make it more popular in Bnet then. I haven' t seen anyone hosting your map(s) in Bnet (Europe) so far. Still try to make so Command Center and all other Terrain buildings "land" properly- it is just so cool.
  16. night_wolveX

    night_wolveX New Member

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    thats a hard question to say Sooda, as it all depends on the quality and size of the models used by that race. If every unit and building had been made by killst4r things might be little bit different, but she only made about half so im suck with what ive got atm, i hope to acquire a commited modeller one day who will help me create the remaining models.

    I starcraft vs wc3 maps are crap, ive played the one made years ago and its not starcraft its just wc3 with sc units added to it. I would never go there with my project.

    Currently ive been working on added a new protoss shield system into the project. If i can modify Shadow1500's system it will allow for protoss spell caster units like templars and archons to be added to the project.
  17. Oninuva

    Oninuva You can change this now in User CP.

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    One question, Can you trigger?
  18. night_wolveX

    night_wolveX New Member

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    To be honst im not that good with triggering. I have made a few of my own triggers but they are like the most basic forms u can make and they have all be done with GUI. The only advantage i have i guess from noobie triggerist is im very knowledgable about computers and have a nack for trying elimination type fixes for trigger problems.

    today i was able to implment Shadow1500 new shield system into the maps project, but i needed to ask for help on here first to know which way to go and i had to manually change small amounts of the coding myself Just copy and paste reall) and create a new trigger setup to be compatible with my SC Conversion project. Realistically i am just adpating the trigger not making anything new.

  19. Sooda

    Sooda Diversity enchants

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    Do you know how to edit premade JASS triggers ? If you can' t find modeler right now lean JASS (Just GUI with more options.) :D . Btw you know the tutorial what is up on ? There is a link to modeling forum try to search from there good modelers who have time to help you on your way making ass kicking map :D

    EDIT: Masters of Map Making (The page what I meant.)

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