Starcraft 2 Archon Mode In Arcade

I've been trying to make an arcade map with archon mode. (2v2(8players))
And i can't really figure this out

From what i read online. info suggests that it's only possible to do archon mode in Custom games.... but im not sure about that.
Also with this "Tendem" option with No info on it online.

Also. after asking for some help around with a few people.

It was suggested that i might be able to "the idea": - Make 4 different teams.
- Make each team have "1 base"
- Force and lock ally on team 1+2/3+4
-Force share resources within teams
And that might be able to work as a replacement.

1. Is it possible to get archon mode work in arcade maps?
2. If #1 is possible. how? (preferably as detailed explanation as possible
3. If #1 is not possible. could "the idea" work?
4. If #3 is possible. how? (preferably as detailed explanation as possible)
5. what is this "Tandem Slot Leader" within the editor? (in the link there is a screenshot)
Thanks from advance.
If not for answering everything. maybe just on some or 1 of the 5 questions.
Or if not at all thank you for taking the time to read what i wrote.
I hope you have a nice day.
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