Starcraft: Door Trigger (easy open)

Discussion in 'StarEdit Help (Read Only)' started by Edz, Jun 29, 2007.

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    Ok first i read everything i found about the door triggering here and nothing works for me. I just want a simple open door trigger.

    i uploaded a screenshot with a door. 1. question: What type of door is this? (in trigger editor)

    now i tried an easy trigger for the opening (with all kind of door types, thats just an example):

    - Current player brings 1 any unit "to gate 1".
    - Disable doodad state for right upper level door for current player at "gate 1".

    But that dont work nothing happened. I also tried it with all other door types but nothing happens.

    location screenshot: location.

    Maybe someone can upload a map with an easy trigger for a simple door or telling me what i did wrong there...


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