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    After weeks of consideration and thinking, we've finally come up with the results. So let me explain how the grading works.

    First of all, there's 5 different categories that you get points in:
    • Easy to follow - 20 max
    • Visually pleasing - 10 max
    • Information -20 max
    • Usefulness - 10 max
    • Factual Correctness - 10 max

    Since Bloodcount is not as experienced with the editor as I am, he looked solely at the layout and appearance and how easy it was to follow. This means he will only give points for "Easy to follow" and "Visually pleasing". Which means we give up to 10 points each for easy to follow and up to 5 points each for visually pleasing and then we add those together to get the score in that category.

    When it comes to Information, Usefulness and Factual Correctness, all points will come from me and not from Bloodcount.

    Along with the results in this thread, each contestant will get a PM containing comments on your own tutorial and reasonings of why we gave the grades we gave. You don't have to read it but it most likely contains a list of things you could improve on. Feel free to improve your tutorial after the result is given, this is encouraged.

    Finally, I just want to point out one thing. The results are final and wont be changed. Any arguments about the gradings will not be accepted so please refrain from doing so. Instead, be happy that you helped increase the information available on thehelper and your tutorial might help hundreds of people in the future. If you have questions about the gradings, you are welcome to PM me or Bloodcount about it in private.


    Here are the results:

    Monsterous - Abilities and Effects:


    Dave312 - Morphing Abilities:


    GFreak45 - Introduction to triggers:


    GFreak45 - Custom actions and functions:


    GFreak45 - Records:


    Top 3 placement:
    1. Monsterous - Abilities and Effects - 64/70
    2. Dave312 - Morphing Abilities - 63.5/70
    3. GFreak45 - Introduction to triggers - 48.5/70

    4. GFreak45 - Records - 45.5/70
    5. GFreak45 - Custom actions and functions - 42/70


    Now let's talk about the best part: Rewards!

    1. 50 reputation AND featuring of the tutorial on the SET*
    2. 30 reputation
    3. 10 reputation
    4-5. 5 reputation

    Thank you Monsterous, Dave312 and GFreak45 for participating in the 2011 Starcraft 2 tutorial contest! You will receive the following reputation:

    • Monsterous: 50
    • Dave312: 30
    • GFreak: 20

    * This make take some time implement, but it'll be done soon™
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    I dished out the Reputation Awards to all the winners. Congratulations to everyone.
  3. Dave312

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    Damn that 0.5! Congratulations Monsterous :thup:
  4. Miz

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    To hold up my side of the bargain, the featured tutorial portion for Monsterous's tutorial is now done. Congratulations as I bestow upon you: your bragging rights.

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