Starcraft Image Editing Contest

Hey Pineapple, would yeh mind hostin more image editing contests in the future? I've missed them, and I always enjoyed making, submitting, and seeing other's submissions ... though this specific one could have done without the "my picz0r matches the theme real good" responses.

Consider it pl0z? ;)
Thanks for the link. It seems my second submission is missing, tho. If I missed something and only one is allowed, I think I'll go with my second entry ;)

Oh, and to what account does one transfer the bribe? :):):)
Starcraft Image Editing Contest

Yes, an Image editing contest - With a twist! The top 3 will receive.... Star craft 2 beta keys! Yep. top 3 get to play some Starcraft!

how do you win? Follow the theme and make a hilarious picture, a poll is posted and the top 3 win! Simple isn't it?

Well here is your theme...

If Starcraft was real

There is your theme, throw together a funny image, and you could be playing Starcraft 2 in the near future.

Basic rules:

Due date is April 28th at 11:59PM - global standard time. (0 hour offset)
Make them funny! :)
Post your submissions in this thread.
There are not many rules, its pretty strait forward. use what ever images you want.

Wasnt this supposed to start an hour or two later today??

Is it still possible to submit an entry?
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