Starcraft Nuclear Strike Spell


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Anyone saw something like it?
For those who don't know, its a spell that needs some things to do. First of all, you have the nuke silo; second, the nuke silo must have a nuclear missile (it can be generated through a research-like ability.); third, there must be a Ghost to cast it.

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nuke silo can be any building type unit
has the unit "nuke" which will dictate the build time and cost for the nuke
once "nuke" is finished, give the silo the buff "armed with nuke" (something like that) which has infinate duration

The buff effects
If a unit is being trained by the nuke silo with this buff, cancel that unit
Is a condition requirement when checking for armed nuke silos

Make any unit with long ranged attacks
Because you are only asking for nukes i will only cover the concept for the "nuke" ability
Base it off of flame strike
Change the casting target effect (not sure which feild leaves the green marks on the ground) to blood lust buff effect
Adjust the casting time accordingly
Detect when the spell is cast (no cooldown on spell)
Make a unit group consisting of all buildings owned by casting ghost with the buff "armed with nuke"
Pick a random unit from that group
remove the buff from that unit
If there are no units in that group, then order the ghost to stop

The Nuke
When the ghost starts the effect of the nuke ability
Set a unit group to the units around the spell point
Check the hp of the units, if they have under 500 hp, make the ghost instantly kill them
If they have over 500 hp, deal 3/4ths of their hp in chaos and pure type damage from the ghost
(not sure if its 500hp or 750 hp damage for the nuke)

of course use effects accordingly and get rid of leaks accordingly


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Check the hp of the units, if they have under 500 hp, make the ghost instantly kill them
If they have over 500 hp, deal 3/4ths of their hp in chaos and pure type damage from the ghost
(not sure if its 500hp or 750 hp damage for the nuke)
that is not how the starcraft nuke works exactly

what you want to do is:
IF (1/4 of their hp) > (500)
THEN deal 1/4 of their HP in damage
ELSE deal 500 damage

damage should be pure and ignores armor


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and we both fail....
The missile itself has a large blast radius and will usually kill any units and critically damage buildings in one shot. It deals 500 damage or removes two thirds of the victim's total hit points, whichever is greater; thus, two nukes will destroy almost any unit or building, if the building was the one targeted point.
from the sc wiki

which will mean that you would have to take the max hp of the affected unit
check if 2/3rds of that ammount is greater than 500
if 2/3rds of total is greater than 500, deal that ammount in damage
else deal 500 damage to the affected target
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