Starcraft on Windows 7.


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Well the problem is like this, when Starcraft is run on my W7 computer the screen gets limited to the upper left corner (not even half of it, so I think about 640x480 in resolution?) And well, I also get the renown turquase colour thing but i've heard of a few possible solutions to that part of the problem.
I have windows 7 home premium with:
-2.50GHz intel quad core.
-4 GigaByte RAM.
-512 MB ATi radeon 4350 HD (I know, still looking to replace this.)
I should add that I got this to work successfully on my Vista pc, and everything, it's not my copy of the game because it works fine on that pc, even after reinstalling.
So far tried:
compatiblity modes
patching (i'm up to date)


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Don't know what settings can be made in W7, havn't installed it yet, but have you tried all combatibility settings?
-256 Colors
-640x480 Resolution
-Disable Visual Themes
-Disable desktop Composition
-Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

After that, hmm, just f*cking google it,, first result:

Starcraft runs with bright turquoise colors everywhere in the menu system. It looks rather psychedelic.

On vista, it intermittently happened, on Windows 7 it happens every time after the 1.16.00 patch installed.

Simply open up your screen resolution window before playing, and leave it open. Doing so will result in perfect colors ever time. The same for vista, just open up personalize. I have no idea why this works, but I've tested it many many times- you just open the window- nothing else.

I can confirm this.

Hm this is great.
Now only if we can get a World of Warcraft fix...

... OMG im coming all the way from israel to ohio just to kiss you@!#$ THX SO MUCHHHH!!!! YOUR A GENIUS!!

Enjoy your starcrafting!

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