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Minecraft Server OP, Inactive.
Steam ID List:
PureOwnage: lolcakelazors - TF2, Dystopia, HL2: DM, SC2, Alien Swarm

Flare: the_thingy - TF2, L4D2, CS:S

Vestras: savage2611 - TF2, SC2

Lyerae: thelifelessone - (No games at the moment)

Darthfett: Darthfett - TF2, L4D2

ElderKingpin: ElderKingpin - Portal, Alien Swarm

sqrage: sqrage - L4D2, MW2, TF2, CS:S (ADD sqrage IF YOU WANT AN INVITE TO THE TH STEAM GROUP)

Whitesock: Whitesock - TF2, L4D2, MW2, Portal, SC2

Idance: Cracken56 - CS:S, CS 1.6, CS: CZ, Portal, Audiosurf, DOD:S, HL2M, HL2:LC, HL1

Vellu: Sliipperi - TF2, Gmod, L4D2

Jindo: jindotpg - TF2, Gmod, L4D2

AnthraxXx: c0mpnick - CS:S, HoN

azareus: azareus - MW2, Portal

thewrongvine: thewrongvine - Portal

codemonkey: Anman64 - HL2: DM, Portal, Alien Swarm

Renendaru: Renendaru - Alien Swarm
(Renendaru runs an Alien Swarm server. Please contact Renendaru if you want to play on the server).

Sevion: noives - Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Garry's Mod, Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead, Medal of Honor, Alien Swarm, Plain Sight, Starcraft II, Warcraft III, World of Warcraft

Mahucharn: Mahucharn - Team Fortress 2, Portal, Transformers: War for Cybertron

Bartuc08: Zomby Jezuz

Server Hosts:
Renendaru - Alien Swarm (Private | Contact to play on the server)

Please provide your Steam ID, a link to your profile, and what games you play.

To find your steam ID, go to your community tab and it should be in the space where you usually type in your web addresses in:
It would be nice if you added a link to your profile :D

You may also want to join the steam group ! Please note that the group is invite-only. PLEASE CONTACT SQRAGE FOR AN INVITE

If you want to post your server information for any Steam game, then please fill out this form and reply to the thread.
Server Name:
Public or Private
Original Post:
Well I'm an active steam user looking for names and well, I did a search and there was no "Official" Steam ID thread and I was wondering if people would post there Steam IDs and what games they play the most so I could add you and the rest of the community could too. (I only have Sevion's XD)


I keep popping up on this site from time to time.

I don't play anything at the moment (I'm on Ubuntu, until I can get a working WinXP install disk. :/)


Post in the anime section, or die.
ElderKingpin - Portal
The thing about steam is that i can get my games back when i get a new comp, because i currently cant play any recent games on my laptop

I can barely run portal smoothly, that is sad on so many levels.


Minecraft Server OP, Inactive.
The steam group should be open. It's for invitation only.

EDIT: Would be nice if you would post a link to your profile.


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Why don't you guys make a sandbox game like Gmod for Warcraft3? Solo or multiplayer... or maybe an improved version of a shooter, with all these new things you can make a lot better one :) Like a FPS, that would be really funny ^^


Minecraft Server OP, Inactive.
Why don't you guys make a sandbox game like Gmod for Warcraft3? Solo or multiplayer... or maybe an improved version of a shooter, with all these new things you can make a lot better one :) Like a FPS, that would be really funny ^^
A lot of coding involved, something I don't like :p

BTW, I can't seem to find your account. Link please?
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  • Varine Varine:
  • Varine Varine:
    Good luck to the hurricane path people. Is TH still in Houston?
  • Ghan Ghan:
    I think so
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Yeah we got nothing here did not even rain
  • Ghan Ghan:
    We could use some rain.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I am not complaining though Hurricanes are not fun I have been through alot of them
  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    I evacuated for it just incase since I live in La Porte pretty much right on the water (in Houston area). Didn't see anything. It's a good thing for me anyways.
  • Ghan Ghan:
    It's too bad that Blizzard messed up so terribly with Reforged.
  • Ghan Ghan:
    Still has a 0.6 user metacritic score.
  • Ghan Ghan:
    (Out of 10)
  • Varine Varine:
    I haven't even tried it yet because everyone said it sucked. How do you get .6 out of ten?
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I am waiting for Dwarf Fortress to come out on Steam then I am on it.
  • Accname Accname:
    I play Dwarf Fortress from time to time.
  • Accname Accname:
    Its Okay.
  • Accname Accname:
    But the performance is sub-par. Does not seem to be well optimized.
  • Varine Varine:
    Is the Steam version coming with a graphical overlay or is it using the ASCII graphics still?
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    Steam version has the graphical overlay.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Steam Version has graphics, a new interface and will be integrated in the steam mod stuff
  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    I didn't think WC3 Reforged was that bad. It pretty much did what it stated (to me at least), but then again I can care less about reforged campaigns and all that. I just care about gameplay.
  • Varine Varine:
    I think people were hoping for a resurgence in mod support. I have little interest in the actual game tbh
  • Varine Varine:
    Plus I know they added that Dota precedent clause where Blizzard can steal your shit which isn't cool.
  • Ghan Ghan:
    They sold Reforged to the community as primarily a huge graphical uplift with high res textures and redone cinematics.
  • Ghan Ghan:
    They even showed one of the redone cinematics at Blizzcon and that very cinematic wasn't even in the released game.
  • Ghan Ghan:
    So I think folks were angry about that.

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