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Conditions Problems

I would like to set a creep spawn with the game time like

And -
If game time is Greater than or Equal to < 300 seconds >
If game time is Lower than or Equal to < 600 seconds >
Create 2 Trolls at Region 001 facing prositions of Triggering unit.
Yes there is.
You should go in condition==>>Integer Comparison==>>Game Time Equal to 6.00
And there u go;)

Can't find it. I dont have it. All i have for Game- is

Number of players
Number of teams
Ally color filter setting
Tournament finish rule
Tournament Melee score
aaaww sry my bad.
After "Integer Comparison" u should go "Conversion - Convert Integer to Real"
and then choose "Game Time of Day"
Sry for my mistake:)
Read what that guy earlier said, "condition==>>Integer Comparison==>>Game Time Equal to 6.00"
nappe dont wry i was wrong, but i corrected my self.
Btw simonake did u found that?
U dont need to set that Conditions.
Just set the Event: Elapsed time 300 seconds
Condition: /
Actions: Create 2 Trolls at Region 001 facing prositions of Triggering unit.
whell...u wanned a game time cmparison.
I dont understand what r u askin more:confused:

EDIT: that is what u wanned
the in game time of day is actualy the game time
Ok perfrect, im okay now i understand it's because i use to have french version of wc3editor:D
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