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The new cyberpunk cat game for PlayStation and PC has already set a Steam record for indie studio Annapurna Interactive. It sparked a feline frenzy online, with even real-life cats transfixed by the game footage.

The cat is out of the bag — and probably all over your Twitter and TikTok feeds.

“Stray,” a new videogame for Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft Windows, lets players explore a subterranean, cyberpunk city as ginger tabby that’s trying to claw its way back to its family.

This is a budget third-person platform adventure and puzzle game — from French development studio BlueTwelve, and published by Annapurna Interactive — has drawn plenty of hype since it was first teased during the 2020 PS5 reveal event. (A newer trailer released on June 2 has already been viewed more than 1.7 million times on PlayStation’s YouTube account.)

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