Report Students with lower A Levels from poorly performing schools do just as well on medical degrees

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    Students from some of England’s worst performing secondary schools who enrol on medical degrees with lower A Level grades, on average, do at least as well as their peers from top performing schools, a new study has revealed.

    The research also found that students from poorly performing schools who match the top A Level grades achieved by pupils from the best performing schools, go on to do better during a medical degree.

    The authors of the research are now calling for medical school entry criteria to be relaxed for all pupils applying from low-performing schools.

    The study, led by academics from the University of York alongside partners at the Universities of Dundee and Durham, analysed data from UK medical degree courses and linked it to information on secondary schools from the Department for Education.

    Some universities, such as Birmingham, Southampton and King's College London, have already trialled A Level ‘grade discounting’ for medical school place offers for some disadvantaged applicants.

    Read more here. (University of York)

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