[System] First Person


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First Person​
Version 1.0.0​

- Smooth Timers (import first)

See attached SC2Lib file.
Grants WSAD control of a unit with first person mouse look.

  • FirstPersonExample
    • Events
      • Timer - Elapsed time is 1.0 Game Time seconds
    • Local Variables
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Unit - Create 1 Drone for player 1 at (Start location of player 1) facing 270.0 degrees (No Options)
      • SetFirstPerson(1, (Last created unit))
      • General - Wait 15.0 Game Time seconds
      • SetFirstPerson(1, null)

Simple example, as it only exposes one action: SetFirstPerson(player integer, unit)
Set to null unit to revert.



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I close my map.

I Generate a new one. (64x64, with terrain)

I import SmoothTimers library.
I import FirstPerson library.

I hit test map.


My guess would be that you need to assign Library ID's for this to work properly.


The function seems "Apply" in firstperson is being named "lib<LIBRARYID>_gf_Apply", so yeah. It's probably looking at the wrong libid.


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How horrible. :(
Can you figure out how to stitch it up/help me investigate why it breaks when it's exported? The id for Smart Timers should be J4ST, and the ID for First Person should be J4FP.
Setting those ID's manually changed nothing...
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