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  1. Jesus4Lyf

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    First Person​

    Version 1.0.0​

    - Smooth Timers (import first)

    See attached SC2Lib file.
    Grants WSAD control of a unit with first person mouse look.

    • FirstPersonExample
      • Events
        • Timer - Elapsed time is 1.0 Game Time seconds
      • Local Variables
      • Conditions
      • Actions
        • Unit - Create 1 Drone for player 1 at (Start location of player 1) facing 270.0 degrees (No Options)
        • SetFirstPerson(1, (Last created unit))
        • General - Wait 15.0 Game Time seconds
        • SetFirstPerson(1, null)

    Simple example, as it only exposes one action: SetFirstPerson(player integer, unit)
    Set to null unit to revert.

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  3. Jesus4Lyf

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    Everything works better when you follow the instructions. Or is that unclear that I mean import Smooth Timers first...
  4. Cookiemaster

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    I close my map.

    I Generate a new one. (64x64, with terrain)

    I import SmoothTimers library.
    I import FirstPerson library.

    I hit test map.


    My guess would be that you need to assign Library ID's for this to work properly.


    The function seems "Apply" in firstperson is being named "lib<LIBRARYID>_gf_Apply", so yeah. It's probably looking at the wrong libid.
  5. Jesus4Lyf

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    How horrible. :(
    Can you figure out how to stitch it up/help me investigate why it breaks when it's exported? The id for Smart Timers should be J4ST, and the ID for First Person should be J4FP.

    Edit: Demo map attached.

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  6. Renendaru

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    Setting those ID's manually changed nothing...

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